Weekends are usually pretty contradicting when I always confuse myself and not being sure of whether I want to get out and have some fun or perhaps pampering myself with a spa or something, or if I should stay home grow mold. Last weekend however was another review session and this time, my favourite type of food. Thank FOOD for the invitation as it really saves a lot of trouble thinking of what to do or what needed to be done.


The invite came all the way from Kepong and I really didn’t mind or going all the way there for some lovely desserts. The thing about dessert is that you sometimes love and hate them at the same time. Although, UFO seemed to have done it well conveying more love than hate to the gastronomy indulgences. And with the trending Taiwan and Hong Kong dessert around Asia Pacific, people do get confuse with the many choices available in the market. In order to stand out from the crowd, you’ve got to either have very fancy and fun layout in your shop, or really amazing dessert to create the taste sensory image that seals to your tongue and brain. UFO seemed to have done it the later method. Thumbs up for that.




UFO sells some simple yet delicious drinks, hot dessert, and lusciously flavoured snow ice so perfect for the tropical weather, as well as light snacks that are pretty ideal for sharing. The best seller is the Pearl milk tea at RM 4.50, Ai-yu lemon Green tea at RM 4.50,Honey Peach Yogurt Drink at RM 4.50 (added rainbow jelly), and Winter melon tea at RM 3 (add grass jelly). Like most dessert chains, all drinks come with *sugar percentage options.




And for the casual meet ups and bonding sessions among friends and family, they have Fries with assorted flavours. No they did not alienised the fries, but it does come in assorted flavours. My favourite is the wasabi. Crispy fries drenched with wasabi flavour and it makes a perfect sharing snack. They also have fried calamari rings and fried chicken for those in desire for something a bit more solid and filling.




The toppings on the fries were amazing because they were never stinge with the toppings. Each and every bite explodes with blasting flavours keeping the aroma roaming in your mouth.




You really don’t need to get on a spaceship to get the star because it is right here in UFO. The best QQ balls series I have had since that light and fluffy ice started falling on our shore here in Malaysia. There they are known as the Taro balls. I love the chewy texture and the flavour. They are mildly sweet and lightly filled with aroma and fragrant of the sweet potato.


5.qq balls series


Another delicious and healthy dessert is the Soya ice series. Topped with bitter sweet grass jelly, QQ balls, yam and a plump amount of red beans.


8.soya ice series (1)


Speaking of healthy choices, pamper yourself with option of either the icy cool flakes, or the deliciously hot choices. I personally really like those mini QQ balls. Saves a lot of chewing hassle, and those little devils are as chewy as the big ones!




The grass jelly has this great bouncy texture; you can practically play with its wobbliness and have some silly fun while enjoying the desserts. At the same time, calm your connoisseurs indulge with the matcha series. Those ice flakes with green tea flavour is refreshingly soothing with the toppings. Not to mention how I love those Yogurt popping ball. Think Japanese Ikura texture, with bursting yogurt from inside those balls.


6.matcha series


And if tangy sweet if your kind of thing, than have some of their Ai-yu lemon ice with those Yogurt popping ball. It is fantastically cooling and refreshing. If not then just stick to grass jelly series.




Ufo does not just serve awesome dessert, they also go green by offering Chop Chop loyalty privileges to their customers. Chop chop is an innovative mobile app created to help organize the stacks of loyalty cards you have in your wallet.




UFO is located at :
No. 53, Jalan 3/62a,
Bandar Manjalara,
52200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +60 3 62626478
Mon – Sun: 1:00 pm – 1:00 am


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Love, Sycookies



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