Leaf dining is another south Indian cusine like every other Indian restaurants we get in Malaysia. At least most Indian restaurant as I was told that North Indian cuisine is more intriguing. It is probably because we are too used to the South cuisine hence north cuisine becomes exciting to some point. We shall leave that to later for today; I want to share another place for my favourite banana leaf rice. I have previously shared eating banana leaf rice on a plate and that was really cool given the usual mess the banana leaf rice can be. This one is similarly awesome to that. Depending on visiting hours, car parking may sometimes be rather easy. There is both indoor and outdoor seating for smoking preferences, or in our case would be A/C preferences.


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Once again, like every other Indian restaurants, there is also a great array of choice for their curry and vegetables, as well as the chickens, seafood and muttons.


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Then came the rice, which inevitably is being served on the banana leaf. The side dishes however, is nicely arranged and served on tiny little bowls. A complete meal with sides as well as the Rasam all nicely served to allow you much flexibility as to mix them all up or to savour them individually.


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Anything else can be requested and most of the time, they have what you want. My favourite is always the Pavaka and they serve fairy good ones here.


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The star however, is the marinated seafood. Freshly fried upon each order and the key to a savoury dish with any seafood is the freshness. The plump slice of fish we had is super fresh and with a squeeze or two of lime juice, the flavour of the fresh and juicy fish is further enhanced.


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And let’s not forget fish roe, marinated and deep fried upon order, served with raw onions sprinkled on top. The texture is amazingly juicy and delicious.


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Apart from the banana leaf rice, there are other dishes on the menu as well. I said I wanted mutton so the waiter suggested Fried Kuey Tiaw with mutton. If it looks piquant on the photo, let me confirm this. It is rather spicy, in a good way. The blasting explosion of spices and chili in it is excitingly divine. Just make sure you have some ice water prepared.


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Leaf Dining Restaurant is located at :
No. 202, Persiaran Klang
Batu 3 3/4
Off Jalan Kelang Lama
58000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +60 3 7980 8228


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