Creampuffs has always been a light snack or bite best to be consume with tea of coffee. Kee’s Creampuffs offers right about the similar thing, a choux pastry ball filled with custard cream. And to think that creampuffs are almost always dulcified then that’s when we are wrong because the Kee’s Creampuffs treats you with not only fresh bites but also natural ingredients.


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I was told there would be up to 25 flavours soon, but I was fortunate to be able to taste some of those best selling flavours.



Kee’s Classic sells at RM 1.50/pc for purchases less than 10pcs and RM 1.30/pc for purchases above 10 pcs. Box of 25 and 50pcs priced at RM 1/pc and the box of 100 would cost you RM 95. These lovely puffs made great gifts and party snacks. They are bite size and the fillings were fantastically fresh and generous. I tried their classic and I do honestly think that they have got one of the best fillings. The classics are those creampuffs with custard fillings.


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And to be present in the shop during the grand opening ceremony sort of built my liking to creampuffs a little bit more. There is an intense aroma from the kitchen that roams and filled the entire shop even as I was approaching the shop. The shop has got this simple layout and décor made convenient for those only interested with take-outs.


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Of course if you are the kind that loves enjoying some nice puffs over Freshly brewed coffee or tea, go for the Kee’s Beverage. They might have very little variety over the choices of beverages but who needs an array of choices if they’ve got the best few to go with those lovely puffs.


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I also tried their Premiums; cookies and cream, coffee, and blueberry flavours to find myself very much in love with the coffee flavoured cream puff. It s funny because I have never been intrigued with coffee flavoured food. I really wouldn’t mind coffees but to have the flavour in something else is just annoying.




The key to the delicious puff is in my opinion the filling. Apparently the flavoured puffs were made out of fresh ingredients with zero preservatives or artificial flavours. i get to tour the kitchen and I can honestly say this, that all their work stations are really clean. A demonstration of the blueberry puff was given and the fillings were made out of actual fruit. No kidding but the fillings in the puffs was generously plump.


7.the making_副本


The pricing to these premium flavours are all displayed at the counter. They also take orders so get in touch with them to avoid disappointments. Some fruits are seasonal.




These pastries are normally rather sweet sometimes, but I like this treat here moderately sweet. Perfect for parties if you want them decorated to be garnished with chocolate sauce, caramel or a dusting of powdered sugar. I thank the Kee’s Creampuffs for the invitation and for baking such lovely puffs.




Congratulations on the grand opening to the Kee’s Creampuffs. May they bring more happiness with their bite size puffs to more people with more flavours in the near future.


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Kee’s Creampuffs is located at :
30-G, Jalan USJ9/5Q,
Subang Business Centre,
47620 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: 017-3842813

Operating hours: Mon-Sun: 8:30am-8:30pm


Love, Sycookies




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