The 7th of July marked the beginning of a beautiful journey for a lovely couple agreeing to Robert Frost that life is only life forever more together wing to wing and oar to oar. I witness a quixotic and touching proposal of my dearly friend, Shaz. This chivalrous groom-to-be definitely put in so much effort with the entire proposal. Of course, with the help of the Frames catering and the entire crew of amazing people, ahem…including yours truly. Well, to be very honest, I didn’t think that I did much….but I am happy to be a part of it.


The preparation took us more than a couple of hours and the settings were amazing. And the cake, was ever heavenly and divinely moist and delectable. Cake setting done by genius Mark of course. This cozy house was decorated in such romantic manner, any girls would feel like a princess walking into it.



Next we have the entire crew of people with duties and responsibilities. And why am I cursed with the destiny of a maid at all time. Alas but surprisingly, I am happy to be one for my dear friend on his big day.


2.the people


The entire evening was filled nothing but anxious feeling and anxiety at the same time being excited to looking forward to both the star of the night. I think we can all tell from the look of all these restless people here.


3.the waiting is killing us softly


And I got clips of Freeloaders inc in action, preparing their songs and some fooling around too. They must be pretty restless too.




The clueless bride to be Balkis, came back with Shaz with no expectations or what so ever that we were all in fact already took our places hiding in every corner we could find in the house. Siew Wei showed them to the dining table and not long after the serving them with those luscious chocolate cake, Shaz got down on his knees and proposed with a diamond ring.




We were all really happy to be witnessing the entire proposal. And of course the Frames catering did such an amazing job.



All friends were in high spirits for the couple and the princess of the day definitely was the happiest person on earth that day.




At the end of the day, we have a happy couple and friends giving all their blessings and we believe in seeing them both walk hand in hand with lots of kids and lots of grandkids sometime soon in the future. Cheers to the Frames catering for such a wonderful job. So now we know who we go to for special events in life.


Love, Sycookies



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