This post should have been up a long long time ago. But those food… in the way. So I had to deal with them first. Well this has got nothing to do with food, but it is deliciously as enticing as my favourite slice of cake. It is something better than delicious food. And that I must thank Siew Wei for such lovely effort. Few months back when I was away, I had no idea that I would come home to find this exquisite bracelet waiting for me. I love it very much and good things must be shared with everybody. Hence I am showing off here as a proud owner of such lovely bracelet. LOL!




This piece was nicely assembled with matching, tiny little beads of varies designs. It has very fine craftsmanship in the bracelet and the colour so matching and harmoniously pretty.




Even looking at it up closely, you can really see the effort in each knot and each bead were cautiously selected to creatively match the entire bracelet.




There is more than just this if you are interested with this. See more of all those handmade darlings at Wei Handmade Facebook Page or read about latest items at The Heartbead . And if you are a craft person, go to the The Basic Craft blog and find yourself indulging in many interesting and creative ideas and crafts.


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Love, Sycookies



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