Another event at Ecobar after the Fundraising for Alda Evan Tan took place last month and I have been looking forward for impromptu freestyle rap performances since I came to know of the event. I have never been too fancy with the food in Ecobar since the last time didnt quite leave an impression to me. However, the event was rather awesome considering a lineup of some of the nation’s best musicians. Hosted by Jin hackman and Mr Dan, the night featured Ray Cheong , BeatNation , Ego & Kyren Thomas, Kino Takamura , and many more of the exquisite acoustic musics. It was an amazing seeing how Raising The Bar’s Acoustic Hip Hop Night brought the hype in Ecobar all the way till past midnight.


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The settings started from as early as 5 pm and there were more than just music and food that night. They have got vendors coming in and the place quickly turned into a mini bazaar with crowds looking at stuffs to buy. Tarik Jeans was there along with the SPCA with two lovely kittens and a doggie up for adoption.


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The cats have been spayed and vaccinated so that made things really easy for adoptions. Each adoption costs RM150 and from what I heard, those little kitties each found a family by the end of the night. Bless those souls for adopting them.




As nightfall approaches, the place gets livelier with more people and the Bread and Butter were there selling lovely cupcakes and light desserts, along with some early raya cookies. The cupcakes were lovely and if you are interested to get your hands on some of those, like them on Bread and Butter Facebook page to place your orders.


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Apart from all that, the other star of the night has to be our cutie pie here.


When it is dinner time, I was almost fainting from hunger already. Started my meal with some thick Chowder which tasted amazing but slightly over with the thickness of the soup. Felt like starch glue that was going to be solidified anytime when it gets cold.


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Next’s the Chicken Chop with Mushroom sauce. It was something safe to order because nothing can go wrong with dishes like this. True indeed, it was palatable with a portion just nice for one. Although I would so much more appreciate this if it comes with some greens as sideline.


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Then there is this Blackened Salmon which thankfully came with salad. Instead of french fries. Not that the Fries were horrible, but the fact that the dish was rather unhealthy without my veg. Contrary to that, I also like the fries. It was a little pricey but it was nicely fried and the crinkle cuts were thicker than most crinkle cuts you get from the hypermarkets.


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So the food hasn’t been much satisfying since my first visit. And I still have not tried their cocktails like how I have been told that they are amazing at it. Keep our fingers cross that I might return for the cocktail review. Nonetheless, I do like the layout very much.


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Everyone enjoyed themselves very much, and I also enjoy the performances even though I didn’t stay till the very end of the show. However, I didn’t forget to share the few highlights of the night. I thought A Beat C was a wow factor with his solo beat boxing performance.






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Ishin Japanese Restaurant is located at :
Ecoba Restaurant & Bar B-G-02,
Level 1, Menara Bata (Tower B) PJ Trade Centre,
Bandar Damansara Perdana, PJ
Tel: 03 7710 1118


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