First of all this place got my attention when my friend, Shean and I decided to stroll and think of a place to settle for brunch. We got to Empire Gallery and started looking for our food. It wasn’t long before a poster with photos of really lovely looking Macaroons was spotted and boy, did that advertising work on us. Plus, I’m lousy when it comes to Macaroons. So it is all in for me. We went looking and not long after that, we finally arrived and the layout was really fantastic and gorgeous.


1.@T-FORTY 2 (1)
2.t42 interior


When my beverages came, I realized the layout isn’t the only fine thing here. The utensils were adorable. It’s very English and elegantly displayed on the dining table. The Long Black sells at RM 6.90 and like I said, the cups and plates were all delicately chosen to serve. Served with brown sugars, this makes a perfect perk at the crack of noon on one of those lazy Sunday afternoons.For those not in favourable with coffee, the Sencha Green sells at RM 9.90.


3.drinks@T-FORTY 2 (9)

4.macarooon@T-FORTY 2 (38)


See the pretty utensils and you would feel all pampered already.


4.2utensils @T-forty 2 (2)


The tea would go perfect with some macaroons. Also the macaroons are quite fresh, not dulcified at all. Slight sweetness to go with those tea and that makes quite an amazing combination. These little babies cost RM 3.90 each and I had the Strawberry, my favourite green tea chestnut, passion fruit, and chocolate flavour.Chocolate seemed to always be the most favourable flavour of all time for most people.


5.strawberry , green tea chestnut, passionfruit, chocolate @T-FORTY 2 (41)


If you like something heavier for your brunch of tea time meals, they’ve got some nice bakery and sandwiches. The Turkey Ham and Cheese is in fact this rich buttered croissant with turkey ham and cheese melts in it. The aroma was great and each sandwich or pies comes with some healthy and delicious Pine nut salad with almond, sunflower seed, sesame, raisin etc.


6.turkey ham and cheese @T-FORTY 2
6.2 salad


Next is the Mushroom and Arugula sandwichfor those mushroom lovers. Selling at RM 13.90 each, the sandwich also comes with salad. The sandwich serves perfectly for one and by the time you finish this, you would be fairly full and satisfy.


7.mushroom and arugula sandwich@T-FORTY 2 (3)

8.mushroom and arugula sandwich@T-FORTY 2


But the star, is still the Salmon and Zucchini Quiche. Selling at RM 11.90 and complimented with the salad, the dish is ambrosial. The quiche has got a marvelous texture and the zucchini gives a lightly chunky texture in the quiche.


9.salmon and zucchini quiche@T-FORTY 2


Girls, the House salad is a great dish for those wanting to stick to a strict diet. Tossed with assorted nuts, and seeds, those leaves taste absolutely amazing and healthy. salad @T-FORTY 2 (11)


The bakery was fine; on days when it is not pack with customers it can be rather enjoyable.

T-forty-Two is located at :
UG10 & UG 11
TEL: 03 – 56317266


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Love, Sycookies



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