Whenever Mr lazy holds you back at home, superhero Foodpanda comes to the rescue with your favourite food. There is more variety with Foodpanda delivery, and they make sure you never go hungry when Mr Lazy visits. I have tried using Foodpanda as my delivery platform and I love the entire system with so much efficiency to ensure the hungry customers from starving.


For those not sure of what Foodpanda is, here is “How It Works”. First, go to http://www.foodpanda.my and type your area whereby panda would then show you the merchants aka the restaurants with delivery services. Next, from the menu, select your dishes and checkout from your cart. There would be options of payments and my dinner for the day from Canton Fare in Mont Kiara currently requires payment upon delivery. You see your updates from time to time on the stages of those orders. Panda would also adorably text you on your given mobile to confirm your order. I thought that was pretty cool.




Next, you wait. But under an hour, you get the friendly panda rider arriving at your doorstep with some really cute and cool looking rider pouch. That keeps my order warm and nice upon arrival.


1.foodpanda delivery


My dinner consisting of a Hong Kong style fried Kuey Teow, a Salted vegetable and tofu soup, and this amazing Roasted pork. Now what can I say about these dishes. Palatable is probably the best description. Having these street foods done commercially, I would say it would be a convenient place to go if looking for Cantonese food under one roof. Plus the dining ambience and services as well as everything else that comes at ease. Most of the time, these food are easily located from the street and hawker centre at a more affordable price. I mean, the Char Kuey Teow prices at RM 16. That’s 4 plates on average by the street? But Canton Fare did fairly deliver a good plate of Char Kuey Teow. And a gentle reminder to those with any form of kidney problem, stay away from the soup as they are really salty.


2.hong kong style fried kuey teow RM 16@ canton fare (3)
4.Salted vegetable and tofu soup RM 8@canton fare
3.roast pork RM 20 @ canton fare (1)


So that is my experience with Foodpanda. I think it really is a much better option than just sticking to the boring 1300-13-1300 when it comes to deliveries. Of course unless if that is what you desire for your meals.


6.@foodpanda delivery (2)


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Love, Sycookies



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