Many love starting the day with a nice hot cup of coffee. Some likes it so much because they are so much addicted to the aroma of the coffee. Love or hate it, drinking and enjoying coffee from whole beans has changed our lives in many subtle ways. Whether we grind and brew at home, or drink our coffee in cafes, coffee has already been playing quite some role in the world even since historical times when the coffee industry places large effects on the economy and cultures where it came from and currently being enjoyed. Today, the indulgence of coffee is prominently seen as lifestyle essentials in Malaysia. With coffee houses like the Starbucks or Coffee Bean, one can hardly find anything else more complete and convenient under one roof.




La Kaffa coffee, one of the three major brands owned by this multi-unit beverage service company namely La Kaffa, has finally landed on our shore. Together with familiar names, Chatime and Zen Q, La Kaffa Coffee brings some of the top and finest quality of teas and coffees, juice, and toppings to satisfied different consumers. These flavoured mix of drinks and toppings have taken many country by storm and is currently residing in Malaysia too. Find your way to the Setia Walk Puchong to see for yourself the amazing ambience this café offers because right here, La Kaffa brings better coffee to Malaysians.




Most people would agree that these dessert/tea/coffee/juices beverages has becoming a cultural trend among people of all ages. This outlet happens to offer all that it has to almost everyone. The seats and interior are nicely done and the aroma of those freshly brewed teas and coffees that comes with it is simply breath taking.




My first sip of anything from the menu was the Taro Milk Tea. Although the Taro flavour seemed really thick, but the tea flavour somehow still roams after a while. In its widest sense, which includes aroma, taste is a very complex property that has so far not been assessed chemically. However, I find this combination somewhat interesting and intriguing. Next is the Chocolate Milk Tea which I recommend some pearls to go with it. Coffee lover should take note of the Sea Salt Coffee with this salty foam on the top and aromatic coffee at the bottom.




The menu is basically not over flooded with choices, but I would say they have more choices of coffees. They have few others somewhat similar to the Chatime. But you have to try it to tell the differences. The staffs were all friendly and helpful, but may take a little longer than expected in making the best and most perfect drink they could offer. As they are still pretty new, I reckon it would probably take them a little while to fall into the rhythm.




I definitely would return to try a few more of their drinks on the menu, and once again I must congratulate La kaffa Coffee on the grand opening and thank these proud owners for inviting me on the opening ceremony.




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Follow the coffee aroma of La Kaffa Coffee at:
E-05-G, BLOCK E, SetiaWalk, Persiaran Wawasan,
Pusat Bandar Puchong, 47160
Puchong, Selangor


For those worrying to add on more bulk to their existing loyalty cards stack, worry not because Chop Chop Loyaty is also with the La Kaffa.


Love, Sycookies



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