The amazing thing about dim sum is that each dim sum is done with delicate and amazing flavour palates. It is a culture and tradition to have dim sums in the morning and normally, real early in the morning. As time and the hectic lifestyle intervene, the demand of dim sum gets higher into the crack of noon, and slowly the entire day. Restoran Yuen Garden in Puchong operates from morning till night time. The restaurant is a two story corner shop to cater for more customers on busy Sunday mornings.


1.@yuen garden dim sum


The layout of the shop is pretty decent, with tiny chairs and tables and ceiling fans which might have been the only one thing that is unpleasant here. Especially during those hot and sunny days, I couldn’t stand having dim sum with no air condition in our weather here in Malaysia.


3.@yuen garden dim sum (23)
2.@yuen garden dim sum (21)


The food was not too bad, pleasantly tasty to my liking. They have almost all the basics in dim sum. The Siew Mai (minced pork), Har Kao (prawn dumpling) were great if instantly steamed upon ordering. Each basket are priced at RM 4 each.


4.siew mai RM 4 @yuen garden puchong dimsum (16)
5.shrimp dumpling RM 4 @yuen garden puchong dimsum (15)


And selling at RM 4.50 per basket is the Shrimp paste in supreme soup. The prawns were awesomely steamed with supreme soup making each bite delectably moist and amazing.


6.shrimp paste in supreme soup rm 4.50@yuen garden dim sum (12)


Speaking of moist and soup, also try the Shanghai Dumling which sells at RM 5 for 3 in a basket. As usual, served with some vinegar and ginger the soup inside those dumplings might be just great to make your day provided if it was served upon ordering.


7.Shang hai dumplings RM 5 @yuen garden dim sum (8)


Also try the Honey BBQ pork Pau at RM 1.60 each. It was moderately suitable for one person and flavorsome at the same time.


8. Honey BBQ pork RM 1.60 @ yuen garden puchong dimsum (18)


If you want something solid then there is some more like the Pork Porridge with Century Eggs which amusingly have prawns in it. A bowl of porridge cost RM 3.50 where else Rice noodle with char siew and shrimp sells at RM 4. So it really depends on what is your flavour palate.


9.Pork porridge with century eggs RM 3.50 @yuen garden dim sum (17)
10.rice noodle with char siew  shrimp RM 4 @ yuen garden puchong dimsum


Lastly when dining with lesser crowd, everything is instantly done upon placing your order and I really like that because everything tastes amazing. The fried items were really attractive as well, but I couldn’t eat anymore so I’m thinking I should leave some space for other time on my next visit. So I probably would post up my next visit as well. Those Deep fried shrimp dumpling and Deep fried stuffed Tofu with fish paste sells at RM 4.


11.deep fried shrimp dumpling R M4 @yuen garden dim sum (9)
12.Deep fried stuffed Tofu with fish paste RM 4 @yuen garden dim sum (3)


Don’t forget the ever authentic combination of dim sum and a hot tea pot of Chinese tea to go with the meal. Charging at RM 1 per pax, I thought it was rather reasonably priced.


13.tea in pot RM 1 per pax @yuen garden dim sum (18)


Yuen garden dim sum is located at :


1 Jalan Kenari 18
Bandar Puchong Jaya
47100 Puchong Selangor, Malaysia


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