I really like the tagline “Wok in a Box” as it clearly illustrates food inside a box. And when relating boxes and food, it evidently exemplifies take outs and deliveries. In Australia, Wok in a Box delivers a good variety of choices for your meals whether you are all home alone, or setting up a banquet for your family and relatives. There is no problem with selecting a dish as they offer most of the Asian cusine to a couple of fusion menu.


There are stir frys, grills, chops, soups, noodles, rice, bentos, and even something for the kids. Note that they come with a toy. The kids menu was really tempting but sometimes, we’ve got to go with something practical especially when you are assigned somewhere out of the country. The menu was not far from the palate of Malaysian, as they even have curry laksa and hokkien noddles.


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Although I am bit reluctant to order anything like the satay chicken so going with the noodle would be a safer choice.


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The choice was a no regrets selection and as a matter of fact, the size was absolutely abundant for one. It also comes with some nice crispy crisps.


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Talking about convenience, Wok in a Box definitely has it all. However, unless you are either too lazy or busy to eat out or cook in, I won’t recommend any of those dishes although it was palatable.


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Visit their website at >http://www.wokinabox.com.au/


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