Korean restaurant has definitely proliferated over the years and most of them are non-halal and whether they sell alcohol or not are another issue all together. With the strong influence of K-pop and stuff, everybody seemed to like Korean cuisine when they idolize any Korean star. The problem comes when it comes to halal or non-halal serving. Korean cuisine had a big usage of pork as the main ingredient. What they do here at the Bulgogi Brother , they strap off Pork BBQ and replace pork with beef in the soups.


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Of course there are chicken and seafood as well and for the bulgogi, we had the Juicy chicken tights marinated over 6 hours in special bulgogi sauce, served with a medly vegetables. Weighing 300gm, the Dak Galbi Bulgogi sells at RM 29.90


2.Dak Galbi Bulgogi   JM   @bulgogi brothers -  RM 29.90 (1)
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The might not be too generous with the vegetables, but sauces served were rather munificent.


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The sides were rather disappointed and I didn’t quite feel any bit Korean about it. The vital distinguishable feature in the Korean cuisine is the unlimited array of sides. Here, think kitty cat or tweety bird amount.


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At least the Kimchi tasted alright but the serving was ridiculously small. This amount for one person maybe, but there were four of us so whoever served us were busy refilling the Kimchi.


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Next is the Haemul Bibimbap for RM 28.90. The bibimbap is authentically rice mix with some meat and vegetable. Haemul bibimbap is rice mixed with vegetable and spicy seafood like prawns and squids served with seaweed soup.


8.Haemul Bibimbap RM 28.90- rice mixed with spicy seafood and vegetables@bulgogi brothers (47)
9.Haemul Bibimbap RM 28.90- rice mixed with spicy seafood and vegetables@bulgogi brothers (46)


The Seoulsik bulgogi is recommended and the flavour was delightfully sweet from the beef marinated in their speacial bulgogi sauce made with apple and pear and served with glass noodles, enoki mushrooms, leeks and onions.


10.seoulsik bulgogi RM 52.90   JM    @bulgogi brothers (2)


Selling at RM 52.90, you can add on optional ingredients like rice cakes or glass noodle at some extra charges. Rice cake add on costs RM 3.50.


11.seoulsik bulgogi RM 52.90- add rice cakes @bulgogi brothers-s. (4)


The electrical stove made dining real clean and comfortable without the heat from conventional stove with fire.


12.seoulsik bulgogi RM 52.90@bulgogi brothers- (7)


The Kimchi Jiggae is not served with pork as this is a halal place. Instead, they replace pork with beef. After all, the name of the restaurant tells it all. So expect lots of beef in the menu.


13.Kimchi jiggae RM 22.90 @bulgogi brothers (39)


Another ala carte meal would be the noodle choices. There are a few noodle dishes in the menu. Something that is simpler for a meal for one. The “party noodles” would be a good choice if looking for simple meal. Served in seafood broth and garnished with lots of vegetables at RM 17.90


14.Janchi Guksu RM 17.90 @bulgogi brothers -(2)


And like any other Korean restaurant, the tea is refillable.


15.oksusu cha@bulgogi brothers (1)


This place offers free Wifi, and Malaysians would feel comfortable talking to the staffs because there were mostly local staffs so you probably don’t have to feel any bit uneasy trying to get your message deliver across.


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The restaurant offers a rather enjoyable dining atmosphere with dim yellow lights and polite staffs. Fully air conditioned indoor for non-smokers and a cooling outdoor space for smokers or anyone preferring some natural breeze.


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Go see the Bulgogi Brothers at
GB13, Ground Floor, Boulevard, Paradigm Mall,
No.1, Jalan SS 7/26A,
Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Website: http://www.bulgogibros.com.my/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BulgogiBrosMy


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    • sycookies

      Ambiance and food, plus service and price comes up to a fairy okay rating for most people. My favourite is the Seoulsik Bulgogi. Real sweet and nice. Too bad the restaurant is a little small. Or else it would be so much nicer. Go try, let us know what you think.

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