The name itself actually tells a lot about the dishes. Hunan is a province of the People’s Republic of China near the Xiang river region, thus Hunan cuisine also being known as Xiang cuisine. Hunan cuisine, already being noted a cuisine with great usage of chili peppers is very well known with those fiery hot and spicy flavours. In Kuchai Lama, Restaurant De Hunan serves all authentic Hunan dishes and they all served with fresh aroma and very deep bright red pepper colour. Not to mention they are all piquant and peppery.


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The Spicy Steam Fish at RM 68 dilates all vessels in me, not to mention how it instantly perks all my senses into reaching the zenith. The fish all covered with chili and spring onion already tells the flavour with the beautiful colour of the dish.


1.@restaurant Hot and Spicy Steamed Fish Rm 68, 58 (2)
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This dish is perfect to go with steam white rice, although I can honestly tell you that a bowl might not be sufficient for a meal with more than three spicy dishes.


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Next is the Claypot Spicy Mutton with Chinese Wine at RM 45, which inevitably also didn’t wonder far from fiery hot. The Chinese wine has great aroma when cooked with the mutton, just enough to stifle the distinctive flavour of muttons. This is suitable for those who doesn’t like the flavour of mutton.


4.Clypot Spicy Mutton with Chinese Wine RM 45,28,20 @restaurant de huan_


If mutton has too strong of a flavour then they have chicken as well. like I’ve mentioned, they have almost everything and anything that is spicy. The Deep Fried Spicy Chicken is this cutlets of chicken already deep fried and later stir coat with lots of chili, and dried chili.



Since they have almost everything, we were served theHot and Spicy Fresh Frog as well. This dish sells at RM 60 and notice how each dishes somewhat have the word chili, hot and spicy in it. They all have strong chili flavoured, with fiery hot sensation. This one is no different as well.



Well if you can’t handle too much spicy flavour, then try the Stir fried Beijing Cabbage which is also mildly spicy at RM 30. Don’t be deceived by the name thinking that this would be a simple stir fried dish. Hunan dishes doesn’t stray far from the usage of chili as their ingredient.


7.Stir fried Beijing Cabbage (B) RM 30, 20, 15 @restaurant de huan (18)_


The dishes are all spicy, and fiery hot in flavours. Having this once in a while isn’t that bad, but to have to eat it every day, people in Hunan must have really like chili. The dishes are fresh but not too cheap if you ask me.


Restaurant De Hunan Sdn Bhd is located at:
NO 2, Jalan Kuchai Maju 6
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama
58200 KL
Tel/ fax: 03-79879318


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