First of all, the name Gourmet Garage would already appeal to be rather edgy and bold whilst a little intriguing and exciting. Located at Damansara, the building stands alone at the Menara edge, so parking is already taken care of. There are parking bays inside the building and outside the restaurant. I’m happy with the ones outside as that would be the direct access to the main entrance of the restaurant.


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The tall glass door was the first to give the intensity of the edgy power to the whole interior.


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There are different tables and seats to cater different needs of dinners whether it is just a simple dinner or something extra to satisfy the gastronomy.


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Since this place is strictly non-halal, expect alcohol and all sorts of mix. The place has a dim lighting which creates a calm and peaceful experience while savouring your meal and making it a great to hang out and have a drink or two after work or during the weekends.


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On top of all that, the menu promises great beer platters. Few that went really well and amazing to go with beers. But starting with their choices of soups, I was told the best selling is the mushroom soup. However, I have that intuitive urge to order the spinach soup instead. It didn’t fail my palate for I did somewhat enjoy the flavour and thick aroma of the fresh green fragrant.


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Then came all the stars of this café and I would give quite some positive verdict for these succulent pork dishes. These pork dishes were moist and tender on top of being real sweet and juicy. Starting with the best selling Luncheon Steak, the portion was charmingly engaging. Served with some fries and coleslaw along with dipping gravy and mustard, this dish also makes great beer food. Think luncheon meat from the can, with texture more solid from the pure meat rather than the minced and floured can meats.


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Follow by the Pork Knuckle which impressively done just right with crispy pork skin and tender soft meat all the way to the core of it. The gritty looking yet crispy skin is addictively delicious. Also served with the fries and coleslaw salad, it is great for sharing over beer as the portion is profusely delectable.


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Another bountiful dish that is great for sharing is the Sausage Platterwhich I would think is risky for the ladies or as the matter of fact for anyone disliking generous fats in pork. Every bite would have explosive generous amount oil, perpetually squirting from every chew. And because they are rather brine to be eaten alone, I thought it would do great with beers as well.


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If thinking of individual meal, I thought the Pork Belly and Pork Rib were great. The later is served with French beans and carrots instead of coleslaw. Those belly strips were great with a little brunt edges which add a smoky flavor to the meat. Although slightly brackish, the fries compliment the dish well.


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As for those ribs, I suggest eating them with hands because for some reason those finger licking good technique would top the whole experience to enjoy the meal. Those fries really do remind me a bit of the ones from Wendy’s Burgers. It is thick enough so each bite is quite solid and textured slightly crispy.


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Do not worry if you are no fan of pork because there are other dishes on the menu. I tried the Spicy Prawn Carbonara and the Steak which impressively would easily gotten anyone hook onto it. The dish was served on a huge plate with a plump piece of luscious steak in thick gravy which roams with every bite. The pasta promises thick and rich sauce along with some fresh prawns. The amount is generously flavourful so you might want to consider sharing.


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Served with broccoli, cauliflower,tomato, French fries, and onion and fresh mushroom, this is definitely something that is impressive here. Even more fun when they have to serve with such a huge plate. The size alone excites me quite a bit.


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This place is a café bistro so feel free to get that alcohol kick with the selection of beverage menu. From alcoholic to non alcoholic, they offer quite a wide range of drinks.


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Thank you Mark and Bryan from the gourmet garage for serving us the food.


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Lastly we had some immense and intriguing substitution to the usual cake desserts. Too bad the flame weren’t great before we started digging into that vanilla ice cream inside, leaving a very gentle and mildly sweet finishing to the meal.


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A little something for those appreciating good interior, there is quite a bit of decoration at this tranquil emancipation.


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The gourmet garage is located at:
G3, Podium Ground Floor, Menara KLK,
1 Jalan PJU 7/6,
Mutiara Damansara,
Petaling Jaya, 47810
Tel: 03-7722 3000


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Love, Sycookies





13 Replies to “Gourmet Garage @ Damansara

    • Bryan (Gourmet Garage)

      Hi Chasing Food Dreams,
      This was a special order that is not on our menu. However do give us a call should you wish us to prepare it or if you have other special request. We always strive to meet our valued customers demands to the best of our abilities.

      Gourmet Garage
      T: 03-77223000

  1. kellysiew

    My goodness, that’s a lot of food!! Generally I don’t eat a lot of meat at one go, but most of the meat dishes look good! I have to say that I’m curiously about that spinach soup though! I love green stuff!

    • sycookies

      Me too, and yes! It was that curiosity I had when I saw that on the menu. So I ask for that even though I was told that the mushroom soup is the best seller. The soup itself doesn’t have thick and creamy texture like most soup. Not even close to pumpkin or carrot. More like pumpkin soup’s texture diluted with water. Probably because spinach itself already has water in the plant, so when blended into soup would taste the waxy coarse texture floating inside the soup. The aroma is good, but the texture of the soup needs improvement. Maybe you can work on one and tell us how!

      • kellysiew

        I remember having spinach purée with baked eggs once and the spinach left this waxy aftertaste for hours. But when I have it raw (blended in smoothie) it doesn’t do that. Maybe it’s the cooking process.

  2. Poh Huai Bin

    I thought that luncheon steak was a HUMONGOUS mushroom. Heh. Indeed it’s good beer food.

    Hey, are those last few photos of beers (Rogue etc) available e.g. for sale? I would love to get my hands on them!

    I’ll go just to drink those specialty beers. 😀

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