Coming to the third post in Foodeverywhere, each post introduces some Lakaffa beverages which I believe would no longer be foreign to most foodies. Just in case there are some that are still unaware of what Lakaffa coffee is, they actually sells flavoured mix of drinks with the finest ingredient for teas and coffees, juices as well as many fancy toppings for that fun factor in our drinks. With coffee dominating most of choices in their menu, these beverages have shaped our culture whether being part of our daily life as an essential energy booster at work, home, or on the road.


Lakaffa Coffee which is already available at the Setiawalk Puchong and One Utama GSC cinema is now serving us in Wangsa Walk. Located right next to the entrance of the mall, the café brings you all the convenience for fast take a way into the mall while you shop as well as a quick take a way on your way out.




Having a two storey café definitely have all the advantage for they would cater to the love of great and quiet ambience just pleasant and perfect for those wanting to sip in peacefully. The ground level connects people with the mall as you get views of shoppers filled with laughter.




The cosy lighting and the tempting aroma of freshly brewed tea and coffee fills the entire café would easily tempt and surprise the palates of even the most finicky taste buds.




Being really mesmerized by their Sea Salt Coffee, I had to try another sea salt beverage and this time around we went with Sea Salt Rose. Such appealing name, I was also empowered with full anticipation when waiting for it to be prepared.




Rose tea gives a calming sweet rosy fragrant while it was later finished with thick and smooth creamy foam with sprinkles of sea salt.




This drink comes with an optional topping choice of which I picked the Coconut Jelly. At the first sip, you taste none other than the salty creamy textured foam and later the rosy fragrant. Gradually, the sweetness would empower the rose tea.




Orders are proceeded real fast and swiftly after a few minutes visit their coffee house on the first floor and this outlet has got some really nice layout which is perfect and great for meet ups.




In case if anyone is wondering if there are any hot beverages, there are some nice teas in the menu. My regular Jasmine Green tea is a perfect especially when it was raining when I visited the outlet.




For those ChopChop Loyalty mobile users , this is another outlet where you can scan for your loyalty chops.


Lakaffa Coffee is located at:
Lot GL-05, Wangsa Walk Mall,
1 Jalan Wangsa Delima, Wangsa Maju, 53300
Kuala Lumpur.


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Congratulations LaKaffa Coffee Malaysia with the opening.


Love, Sycookies.






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