Being a fan of soupy dishes, I’ve learn to conveniently proceed to the Face to Face noodle house for they have been exquisitely serving palatable noodles all these while. They have always been famous for their PanMee. This also happens to be one of my few favourite substitutions to rice. Raised as typical Asian, rice is like a must but I would like to stick to one rice meal a day. And because I eat five meals a day, it is not difficult to put noodles or soup into one of my other meals.


They are definitely not one of those places where you find the most amazing PanMee or noodles, but they absolutely have the best varieties under one roof. Not to mention how they have established and set a bar for their House Specialty Pan Mee with the popular chili flake. Available in various types of noodle- thick, think, or pinch. My favourite is those thin noodles.


1.@PAN ME FACE TO FACE (6) and spicy RM 6.30 thin @PAN ME FACE TO FACE (8)


Their chili flake is something I really fancy especially when stirred in with the luscious yolk from the egg so perfectly cooked and served with the every bowl of noodle.


4.House seciality pan mee RM 6.30 @ face to face (1)


Also available in soup, there is the Chef’s special PanMee which I asked for noodles to be served pinched. This is when I make a horrible mistake as this would be made comparison with MeeHoon Kuih . When being compared like this, this bowl of noodle fails flat.



If you hate the thin noodle texture, then go for the thick instead of the pinched. Served in both soup and dry, anyone can simply find their perfect match of texture or if you like it in soup or dry serving. speciality pan mee (soup) RM 6.30 speciality RM 6.30 thick@PAN ME FACE TO FACE (5)


Talking about their soup, one dish I really like from the menu is the Soup Sayur Manis ( Sweet Leaf ).


8.sayur manis RM3.50 (1)


It is served with soft and fluffy egg flower in the soup, so it is deliciously sweet.


9.sayur manis RM3.50


Also order some of their add-ons like the Meat Ball Soup. Selling at RM 4.80 for ten average sized meat balls, it may be a little pricy compared to the Garlic chives dumpling soup that sells at RM 6.


10.meat balls soup RM 4.80 @ face to face
11.garlic chives dumpling soup RM 6 @ face to face


Then there is the Chef’s Dumpling which wouldn’t taste much difference if you are not finicky with food.



I like the Fried Dumplings instead. Those crunchy dumpling skins are irresistibly addictive.


14.face to face (1)


There are a bit of crossover when I also I find myself ended up with things like Sarawak Mee Kolokand the Traditional Bee Hoon noodle. Like I said, there is always something for everyone.


16.traditional bee hoon RM 6.30 @ face to face


Apart from all the usual dishes, Face to Face restaurant recently came out with some new menu few months back. There are herbal soup, rice, and toast of different toppings and flavours. Unfortunately, most of those new dishes weren’t too pleasant to my palate. The Nasi Lemak was really awful, perhaps it wasn’t my day. The chili already turned sour probably because they were remaining from the previous day. The rice was really hard and dry and the chicken is obviously over fried.


face to face (2)
The Black Sesame Thick Toast is somewhat creative. Tasted a little like nutella on toast. Although I didn’t quite like the shredded coconut that is sprinkled on top, the sweet and fragrant black sesame spread was quite charming.


18.face to face (4)


As for the drinks, there are some creative colourful beverages from both old and new menu. My favourite is always the Honey Lemon, Ribena Longan, Teh Ais, and the Three Musketeers


19.honey lemon ice RM 3 @ face to face
20.ribena longan RM 3.80@PAN ME FACE TO FACE (12)
21.teh ais@ face to face
22.3 musketeers RM 3.50 @ face to face


So the new menu is a complete flop so far, but I would like to keep an open heart with the ones that I have not tried. And with fingers crossed, I do hope they should at least meet a palatable standard. Before I decided to challenge my palate with those, I would like to stick to the conventional. I suggest you do the same too.




To find the nearest branch, go to their homepage at their website: .


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