I read somewhere suggesting that turtles and tortoises don’t have a set lifespan. Apparently in essence, they would just live forever and ever until something kills them. Be it some known or unknown disease, poisoning, predation, irresponsible outcome of man’s act of pollution which inevitably follows by killing of these creatures in one way or another, or commonly just hitting by cars.


These creatures have often been related to wisdom and most often longevity. That might possibly be the reason why my mum prepared steam red bean paste bun shaped into turtle to celebrate my birthday. I must say it is truly cute and creative of her to be doing so.


1.Turtle pau (2)


It is fun and somewhat cruel to be eating it part by parts but I sort of started with the four legs, and the head.


2.Turtle pau (3)
3.Turtle pau (4)


Lastly, I proceed to whacking the body of the turtle. Thanks mum for the cute bun.


4.Turtle pau


Note: those eyes were made with two red beans. LOL.


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