Chilies are great ingredient to many dishes, be it spicy ones or to just as an addition of flavour to non-spicy dishes. Chilies are really rich in Vitamin C along with other good source of minerals like iron, potassium, and copper. Having much medicinal values, they increase the immune system but note if consumed in excess, would cause inflammation. It could also be the cause of stomach ulcer. So anyone who is suffering from stomach cancer or irritable bowel syndrome should avoid excessive intake.


We eat a lot of chili in our dishes. And we always have grinded chili paste ready at all time for any dish. So when you have some of those chili pastes, a very easy to make dish is the Curry Chicken. Prepare chicken and potatoes, as well as carrots if you like and use milk instead of coconut milk if you are health conscious. Here is a clip of how to make curry with milk.




The difference when cooking with coconut milk and milk is that the coconut milk would definitely taste richer and thicker compared to those cooked with milk. As for the texture, the one cooked with milk would be smoother as opposed to coconut milk for those would have tiny lumps of suspensions which I dislike.




Here is another tip for all. When cooking curry, do not close the lid when boiling and you would notice along the sides of the pan or wok that you use would be free of herb sediments which would float around the surface of your curry.




1 tbs oil
30g grinded chili paste
4-5 chicken drumstick
3 potatoes
2 tbs Chili rempah powder
1 tbs curry powder
550ml water
8-10 curry leaves
½- 1 teaspoon of salt (according to your preference)
1 chili
200-300 ml UHT milk (according to your preference)
½ tbs Sugar




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  1. kellysiew

    Nice video, but the audio is way too loud haha. My cat got a scare when I played (my iPad was on max volume). I prefer to cook chicken curry with milk too, as coconut milk version can be just a tad too rich sometimes. I like to cook until the chicken is very soft so I usually would give a little time before adding the potatoes.

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