Chatime, literally translated at tea time has been around for quite a while and still coming up with new drinks every now and then. Originated from Taiwan, with their hot selling pearls, a very chewy texture with slight syrup boiled and cooked before adding to any choice of beverage you order. Next, you also have a whole lot of gorgeous toppings to add to all your beverages. With Rm 1 , you can top your drinks with either one of the following:


Coffee jelly
Aloe vera
Aiyu (Fig jelly)
Red bean
Grass jelly
Coconut jelly
Rainbow jelly



(Clockwise from top left ; milk tea with grass jelly, jasmine tea with aiyu, milk tea with pearl, and pure cocoa with pudding)


2.5 Picture st 053


And let me just say this; there are more than 70 choices of beverages so I’ll suggest you pick your favourite and stick to it. Cause there is no way you would wanna taste all of them. And if you know your math, all these with all the above choices of toppings are going to give you more than a thousand choices.


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So let’s break it down into categories, there is mellow milk tea, fresh tea, coffee, the chatime special mix (mainly comprises of fruits and tea), oriental pop tea ( Japanese sencha, oolong, chrysanthemum pu-erh etc), QQ jelly (combination of tea or coffee of fruit juices with QQ jelly ) and the smoothie series (comprises of fruits and milk shake) . And those with health conscious taste bud, there is choices of sugar options ranging from non-sugar, all the way to extra sugar. Not to mention ice options of range from mo ice, to extra ice. Also, bear in mind there is this category called the energetic healthy juice mostly comprises of fruits and tea. And one that I really like, the yakult lemon juice; tangy!


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From left to right; uji matcha milk tea (topped with pearl and red bean), milk tea (topped with red bean), chrysanthemum pu-erh black tea, pearl milk tea, strawberry pudding au-lait.

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5.1Picture 006
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This is a great dessert or after meal drink, comes in 2 sizes and it is a great enjoyment anytime of the day.


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Their latest is the mini pearls. Half the size of the normal pearl, I find it more difficult to chew them.




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