Serving Taiwanese food, this commercialized Chinese restaurant serves a lot of set meals with one main dish, accompanied by a soup, and 3 side dishes, including a pickled appetizer. This has been a trend adapted from the Japanese culture (think bento set) and Taiwanese, which I won’t be surprise since they were still very much adapting to Japanese culture from when the Japanese were colonizing the land back in . Ever since the success of Xian Ding Wei, now there is more, upcoming with the similar Taiwan cuisine Chinese meals. I visited Fong Lye in Sunway Pyramid, and I kind of like the layout of the shop. Friendly serving crews and comfortable seating layout gives a great dining experience.




The set meals were amazingly generous in portions. It is almost impossible for anyone to finish the entire meal without any leftovers. First we have the famous Taiwanese three variety of supreme diced chicken. The ‘three’ stands for a mixture of three sauces mixed and marinated into the diced chicken. The chicken was very well marinated. So each bite is a three variety supreme.


4. 3 variety of supreme diced chicken @ fong lye (1)


All set meals are elegantly served on a nice wooden tray with Taiwanese minced pork white rice, side dishes, and a generous personal bowl of soup.


5. 3 variety of supreme diced chicken @ fong lye (2)


I also tried the spare rib with sweet and sour sauce set meal. Deep fried pork cutlets drenched coated with thick sweet and sour sauce. And similar to all other set meals, is served with rice, side dishes and soup.


6. spare rib with sweet and sour sauce set meal @ fong lye (1)
6.1white rice and minced pork @fong lye (5)
7. spare rib with sweet and sour sauce set meal @ fong lye


For those with kids and younger children, you can try the Fresh tomato with fish set. It is also served with rice, side dishes and soup.


8. fresh tomato with fish set @ fong lye (3)


The fish fillet and egg is very soft and fluffy in texture, with rice fresh tomato gravy on a mini stove with flame to keep it warm.


9. sweet and sour fish


As for those with not so much appetite for solid food, there is this porridge set which I love, called the mix porridge set. This one only comes with side dishes because the porridge itself is much liquefied on its own.


10. mix porridge set meal @ fong lye (1)


The porridge has a lot of ingredients in it; diced potato, carrots, mushroom, bamboo shoots, coriander, onion, and taro. Porridge is somewhat boiled and cooked from superior stocks so the taste is delicious.


11. mix porridge set meal @ fong lye


Speaking of soups, I must point it out that the soup that came with the set was rather superiorly boiled as well. The soup varies, but most of the time they serve radish soup. If you dig in the bowl, you’ll find a big slice of pork, some clams, and a generous piece of radish. So the soup wasn’t bland at all.


13set radish soup @ fong lye (1)
14.set radish soup @ fong lye


If you dislike the soup that comes with the set, there are always side orders in the menu. We tried the herb soup. I’m really surprised with the herb soup here. Apparently it’s boiled with pork intestine, with some barli and lotus seed. Taste like Chinese hot pepper pork stomach soup, minus the pepper in it.


32. herb soup @ fong lye


And the side dishes vary on daily basis as well. With one pickled dish, one fried dish, and one braised or stir fried dish.


15.side dishes @ fong lye (comes with set meals)


I was served pickled radish, crunchy and tangy, as well as pickled zucchini which was very tantalizing.


16.set side dish -pickled radish @ fong lye (1)
17.set side dish -pickled radish @ fong lye
18.zuchini pickled


I also get to taste the fried fish ball coated with bread croutons and the breaded cheese and mayonnaise with corns. Both of which were very crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.


19.fong lye (14)
20.breaded dumpling filled with cheese, mayonise and  corn (1)
21.breaded dumpling filled with cheese, mayonise and  corn (2)
22.breaded dumpling filled with cheese, mayonise and  corn


Next is the braised egg, and the stir fried pork with leak.


24.set side dish- pork stir fried with leak @ fong lye


Other than set meals, there are a lot of sides to order. I tried the Taiwanese deep fried chicken. Think bite size local uncle bob fried chicken. deep fried chicken deep fried chicken - fong lye


If you don’t eat much then sharing is great when dining with lots of people. You can order some sets and order additional rice. Taiwanese have minced pork top on white fragrant rice, which the locals adore. I personally am not a big fan.


27.white rice with minced pork @ fong lye
28.white rice with minced pork @ fong lye (1)


Lastly, they have a wide array of drinks and beverages. Including some really weird ones like the milk tea in French style, which I don’t get it at all. Are we not looking at Taiwan cuisine? Or perhaps the ‘French’ style is part of Taiwan cuisine.


29.milk tea in french style


If the beverages were too fancy for you, do take note that they don’t serve sky juice or plain drinking water. You can order bottled water thou. It comes with a cute mug!


30. mineral water @ fong lye (1)
31. mineral water @ fong lye


Fong Lye Restaurant is located on the Lower Ground in Sunway pyramid shopping mall , LG 1. 43A, in Bandar Sunway, petaling Jaya.


Call 03-56333699 for reservations.


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