The love for Japanese food is probably the reason to my failure of resisting myself from getting few of these “fast sushi” from Sushi Q. Instead of the usual quick sushi from the revolving belts, this one makes it a lot quicker by getting customers to pick item straight up from the sushi bar, and then pay at cashier with what is on your tray. Somewhat is the first of its kind here in Malaysia. They probably adapted this culture where it is sold in a whole roll to fit into the whole rush hour, especially those wrapped in seaweed. But you can always request that they cut it for you.


The hungry and greedy me got myself quite a bit for today. My usual and must have, salmon and I ordered the Tazuna maki– a rice rolled with crabstick, egg, and cucumber, with salmon and avocado on the outside. It was very well presented, but excuse me but I really think that salmon must be fresh made on the spot. However, no diarrhea…so not to worry.


1.Picture st 016
2. tazuna maki@ sushi Q


I have never been a big fan of Inari, but I still go ahead getting myself Lobster mayo maki. I never understood how this is a maki but that‘s what they call this. The toppings were generous, but it was too much for the mouth size. The toppings were astringent but delicious and kind of mask the sweet tofu skin.


3. Picture st 017


Next is the seaweed wrapped smoked duck. This one is delicious, great combination of smoked duck with chunky texture from the cucumber.


4.smoked duck @sushi Q


All these maybe too much for small eaters, and worry not because they sell alacarte sushi as well. I tried the tuna sushi, and the ebi sushi. I guess they really must work on the names before displaying them. At least they got the ‘ebi’ part right. ‘’Tuna sushi’’ is rice wrapped with inari skin and on top of it is a tuna ball. The other is the same thing, replacing inari with tamago, and tuna ball with prawn.


5.alacarte sushi- tuna@ sushi Q
6.alarcarte sushi - ebi @ sushi Q


So that is a lot for a tiny eater, but it was really fun and quick. It would be perfect for times when you need to catch a quick and filling bite right before you catch the movie in the cinema.


7.Picture st 024


You’ll be wrong to think that they are not up to par with authentic Japanese cuisine. Well think again, because they have all the basics in Japanese food. Even better, they presented it beautifully. Check out their wasabi.


8.Picture st 022
9.Picture st 026


Lastly, my usual cup of hot green tea.


10. hot green tea @ sushi Q


Sushi Q is located at:


FK-04 1st Floor
Mid vally megamall, Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200, KL
Contact them at 03-22823739


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