Café cum restaurant has been of popular demand since the past four or five years ago here in Malaysia. Still upcoming, there is more and more café adapting to this concept. And yet, the few good ones are still able to offer the best for the customers, be it for the quality, dining ambient, opening hours, or fresh ingredients, these café cum restaurants still manages to deliver the best they can in order to compete with the rest.


Despite the location and the lack of parking availability for this place, the café is still nonetheless always packed with customers. Serving ordinary pastas, soups, sandwiches, and beverages, they still manage to attract corporate employees from nearby on working days, and customers from everywhere else on weekends. During weekends, this is a perfect place to chill and hang out. Also, they are creative with pastries and bakeries. For light eaters, you can pick your pastries and light buns from the pastries section instead of a heavy meal from the order counter.




The relaxing interior and layout calms and sooths me the instant I stepped into the café. The café is basically a double storey with the choice of indoor or outdoor for smokers and the non-smokers. Upon entering, I place my order with the counter and paid at the cashier while giving them my table number which I’ve picked prior to ordering my food.




Do take note that this place closes around 9pm and on weekends and Sundays, this place is always packed with customers. Getting a seat would be a challenge. Worry not if you are alone, because all you do is reserve your table and marked it as ‘occupied’. And next, order your food and wait for your meal to be served.




Toasted chicken cutlet sandwich is filling because the white bread slice are thick and not to mention the generous chicken fillet. Same goes with Teriyaki beef baguette. Take note the chicken cutlet maybe a little dry for some of us who liked succulent textured meat.




Ideal menu for lunch or brunch is their pastas and soups for starters. The spicy seafood tomato soup is not too fiery despite the word ‘spicy’. In fact, it was really appetizing and tangy for me.


10.spicy seafood tomato soup


My favourite amongst all that was ordered is the Beef aglio-olio spaghetti. Add in some tobacco sauce and the explosive flavor and in a pleasant way, can surprise the palates of even the most finicky eaters.




Lastly, my usual tea session with English breakfast tee and Iced caffe latte for my buddy.




Levain Boulangerie Patisserie is located at :
No. 7, Jalan Delima,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,
Phone:03-2142 6611
Opening hours: Mon- Sun : 7:30 am–9:00 pm


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