Pork is quite an important ingredient when it comes to Korean cusine, so what happens to halal Korean restaurants? KImchi stew? And all the BBQ? Well, how about no pork for BBQ, and replace pork with seafood? That’s whats happening in Korean street café. Apart from common Korean street snack, they mainly serve ‘on the go’ bentos. See their skewers and bento menus. But I wasn’t quite interested with those, because I practically could do that at home. Remember how I love the kimbab in Korean house, this one becomes horrible after having the one here.


The entire seaweed roll was soaked in teriyaki sauce when served. I thought it could be them simply just trying too hard to be creative and innovative.




But I was wrong when I saw what’s inside the seaweed roll. Rice rolled with cucumber, egg, carrot, pickle, sausage, and the worst, the teriyaki sauce. Think soggy rice with crunchy texture from the cucumber, carrot and pickle with dulcified flavor from the sauce. And if you ask me, it does not taste anything like a kimbab. At least they tried, so I give them credits for that.


2.2 street cafe korean 02517


But their tuna salad is amazing. It has refreshing sensation from freshly cut zucchini, juicy corns, carrots, cabbage, lettuce, a pinch of sesame, and a generous amount of succulent white tuna.


3. street cafe korean 02512


As for my usual kimchi stew, they’ve got main ingredient of tuna in it as well. You get this big chunk of tuna, probably three quarters from the entire can. It was an interesting difference to what was normally served in the usual kimchi stew. Well a lot of the ingredients were replaced with local ingredient but it was nonetheless palatable.


4. Picture st 206
5. kimchi stew @ korean street cafe


Served with white rice, you’ll see some combination set meals and I pick one that has a teriyaki chicken skewer.


6.Korean street cafe @ss 15- tuna kimchi jigae is great.bbq chicken...fail.


And because I ran out of kimchi in my fridge, I thought I should just order the kimchi pancake just to fulfill my long crave for kimchi.


7.kimchi pancake @ korean street cafe


Trust me when I say this, I love it and it’s probably gonna be one of my ‘must order’ list the next time I visit Korean Street Café. The slightly burnt edges on the crusty outer layer of the pancake added a smoky flavor to it.


8.Picture st 218
9Picture st 221


But speaking of kimchi, I didn’t quite like their kimchi and I thought it was briny.


10. IMG-20110603-02505


Proceeding to rice menu, their bibimbab came in selection of tuna, seafood, chicken, beef, or baby octopus. I tired the chicken, and seafood. I thought the chicken was palatable.


11.bibimbab @ korean street cafe (1)
12.-15. bibimbab @ korean streetcafe
16. street cafe korean 02511


Well, if you dislike rice, how about rice cake. And Koreans love rice cakes. So simple and quick to prepare at home, but sadly I don’t know how to make rice cakes. Thank god there are frozen ones in the mart. But since I’m already here, I ordered it anyway. I thought the flavor and texture were moderately okay. Not horrible, but not awesome. If you know what I mean, its just kind of so-so to me.


17. street cafe korean 02510


And if you order the set meals, some comes with soup. Which I thought is not really necessary.


18. IMG-20110603-02506


The Street Café is located at :


28, Jalan SS15/8,
Subang Jaya, 47500
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: 03-56329833
Opens: Mon-Fri: 10am-11pm, Sat-Sun: 11 am-11pm
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/TheStreetCafe


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