Tamayaki is a convenient takoyaki booth which currently is easily accessible in malls. Few months back, they were opened in Publika and I found them recently also opened in Sunway Pyramid too. In Japanese, Tama means ball where as Yaki means grill or fry.


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I’ve tried a couple different flavours on the menu and I have to agree with their best seller, the Giant squid and Unagi. To be very honest, they all tasted real similar in texture. All tasted similar, except for those with squids or sausages in it. The squid has got a better texture to chew at as those popping balls were all made of flour. So if whatever fillings inside is also soft, then that’s where the entire ball just kind of tasted real mushy.




Basically we line up and were given a number while we wait for them to cook the takoyaki balls.


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The shop is not really big. In fact, there is a kiosk counter and very limited seats.


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We have an optional choice of adding wasabi to the takoyaki or not. I like the hot sensation of wasabi so I added a bit to mine.


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Each box has four takoyakis but let us not under estimate it because we ordered a couple but I had solif four balls. That makes a box of it and it lasted me the entire Beauty and the Beast musical in the Sunway Lagoon amphitheater. I think it made really good snack and the main ingredient adding such great flavour to this is the generous amount of bonito flake, and the mayonnaise.


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