Kuih, is a term used for snacks that are often bite sized amongst Malaysian. The very popular Kuih amongst Malaysian is those made by the Straits Chinese, also known as the Peranakan. Because the peranakan are a mixed race decendants of Chinese and Malay, the culture speaks itself through the traditional dishes and Kuih. This cross cultural influencing makes it hard to distinguish the Kuih of Malay or the Peranakan. Mum is a peranakan and I am always impressed with the hard work and the tedious steps in making those delicate Kuih. Reason why the nyonya Kuih are often so unique and delicious because back in olden days, men would work and bring home income where else the ladies would stay home as the perfect house wife and mother to nurture the kids and make delicious food for their families.


To name a few of my personal favourite, the ondeh-ondeh, Kuih lapis, Ang ku kuey, Chai tow Kuey, and many more. Mum kept her recipes and would always try to get any one of us to learn how to make them. I might probably just leave that to my sis as she seems to have more talent in cooking than I do. And besides, I conveniently get them in malls whenever I feel like eating them. In Publika’s food village, you find this awesome cart with varieties of kuih, much more than you can imagine. Having said that, nothing beats mum’s kuih.


1.@publika kuih


The custom built cart that brings you all the way to the 60s and 70s here in the EAT Food Village is simply impressively an eye candy. With all the woven baskets and hanging packets of delicious snacks, this would be the brilliant stall to reminisce some old time flavour.


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Look at those pretty and colourful cakes, you might just be too tempted to buy one of each. But take note of this, these Kuih are not made to last too long so you might not want them to go rotten before you can taste them.


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From cakes to puddings, to biscuits and dumplings made from rice or glutinous rice and flour that is steamed or baked, the taste of sweet or savoury is great with most with coconut milk in it. I still think mum makes the best Nyonya Kuih, but this one has got my attention and appreciation as well.


This authentic kuih cart is located in Food Village (near Chatime) at the Publika:
E.A.T. Food Village,
Publika Shopping Gallery,
1 Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Opens daily from 10am to 9pm


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