I’ve always like shopping in Isetan but to very honest, I’ve never actually dined in Isetan before. It probably is the last thing that would ever come into anybody’s mind when thinking of what to eat. However, in one of the recent movie premier, one of us decided to have our dinner in Isetan in One Utama. We landed ourselves at the Senya Japanese Restaurant. The interior is quite pleasant and the food was served real fast.




The meals are moderately served for one, accompanied by a soup for that great finishing. The Chicken Karaage Don sells at RM 15. A small bowl of rice topped with a layer of deep fried chicken cutlets. Served with strands squeezes of mayonnaise to provide the little moist to the chicken while giving the pretty colours on the dish.


2.Chicken karaage don RM 15 @senya


The Chicken Teriyaki Don also sells at RM 15 and comes with a soup too. The chicken slices nicely roasted with teriyaki sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds on top of some fresh green leaves on top of fragrant Japanese white rice. This also comes with some mayonnaise at the side and it gets me a little confused sometimes. What’s with the mayonnaise in everything?


3.Chicken teriyaki don RM 15@senya (2)


My favourite is this Japanese soft shell crab at RM 22. A big plate of rice with some salad served on the side. The star is the soft shell crab with those lovely Japanese curry gravy. It is served with a whole soft shell crab! I can hardly finish the remaining legs on my crab.


4.Japanese soft shell crab crab RM 22 (2)


Lastly, we had the Miso Yaki Chicken Don that is somewhat similar to the chicken teriyaki, but this one came with a smaller bowl of miso don. It is very suitable for those who can’t decide between noodle and rice. Also, balancing the diet in this meal with some fresh salad with Japanese roasted sesame dressings.


5.Miso yaki chicken don set Rm25@senya (1)
6.Miso yaki chicken don set Rm25@senya (2)


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Find Senya at :
ISETAN Kuala Lumpur
2nd Floor, Eat paradise
Isetan Bandar Utama City Center,
Petaling Jaya
Opening Hours: 11 am-10pm.






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    • sycookies

      A friend of mine also loves japanese curry so much he would only order anything with curry in the dish when we visit any japanese restaurant. I have to agree it is interestingly delicious even when compared to the local curry.

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