Biscuits, bakery, kuih and confectionary is always fascinating to me. The combination of many or few simple ingredients combines to produce such aromatic delicacies. Not to mention how each of them comes with unique cultural influences. The Jonker Street in Melaka is one place that is so culturally rich and historically preserved. The previous post shows some murals on Jonker Street in conjunction with the National Chinese Cultural Festival of Malaysia. Click Eat and Drink Melaka 8: Cooling off the heat @ Jonker Street to read previous blog post.


Somewhere at a junction along Jalan Hang Jebat before entering the Jonker Street is the Poh Keon Enterprise and the aromatic scent might awaken any groggy head.


1.@mlk hiu pia


Instant baking and fresh from oven, these little devils make really good compliment to a nice cup of tea. Fluffy, light and crispy layers with sweet paste fillings made from common yet simple ingredients like green bean and winter melon.


2.@mlk hiu pia (2)
3.@mlk hiu pia (1)


They are really generous with samples so you can try every bit of everything before deciding what to buy. These traditional confectionaries are unfortunately without English names. It could make things difficult for those who don’t read Chinese. And yes, I am referring to yours truly here. Sigh….




These freshly packed upon purchased inside a box and these made great souvenir.


Poh Keon Enterprise is located at :
49, Jalan Hang Jebat
75250 Melaka


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