Mc Egg Deluxe is basically the deluxe version of the simple Mc Egg we all remember from our childhood memories. I remember really well that Mc Egg was the cheapest burger on the McDonalds menu and it was most popular amongst kids. Parents probably feel that it was the healthiest choice. I can still recall the flavour of Mc Egg and what makes it so good is the whole slice of cheese nicely melted on the egg in between the buns. If I am not mistaken, back then when the Mc Egg is still on their menu, it was only sold as ala carte item.


Today, the return of Mc Egg comes in deluxe version. It comes in a set with fries and drink.




This deluxe version also comes with fresh salad and tomato slice. Breakfast menu also sell something similar to this, but without salad and with ham roll.




What’s funny is, I had this in Sunway Pyramid last month and when I was in the Subang outlet recently, I don’t see this on the menu. I am not too sure if this is for a limited time only, or perhaps it is available in selected outlets only.


I’m sorry I didn’t provide clearer pictures as I didn’t have my camera with me.


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9 Replies to “Mc Egg Deluxe Meal

  1. Melissa

    Ahhhh….I so agreed with u. During school days I would usually order McEgg cos that’s the cheapest burger. isit still good? mm…I oso want to check out the nearest McD c got this on the menu or not.hehe

  2. Poh Huai Bin

    Nice! I like the McEgg as a kid too! 🙂

    It’s a filler burger for me – I want to eat 2 burgers most of the time, so I’ll get a Big Mac or Double Cheeseburger and one McEgg.

    So the deluxe version comes with veggies eh?

  3. sycookies

    Apparently I found out that this item is only available in selected few outlets. Here are the outlets serving this;
    -Banting Drive-Thru
    – Giant Shah Alam
    – Mid Valley 1 (Lower Ground)
    – OUG
    – Petronas NKVE Drive-Thru
    – Persiaran Raja Muda Musa Drive-Thru
    – Section 3, Shah Alam
    – Section 9, Shah Alam
    – Silang
    – Sunway Pyramid
    p/s: available while stock lasts.

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