Sakae Sushi is no longer foreign to most of us. Every now and then, they have their seasonal promo every now and then to sparkle the dinner’s palate. The creativity to play around with such simple and basic ingredient of Japanese cuisine is astounding. Every time I visit any Japanese chain outlet, the must have would be the Chawanmushi. This time is no exceptional too. Maybe because sushi is always cold so whenever arriving at any Japanese restaurant, I like something warm and soft for appetizers.


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The next thing I often crave for is the Salmon head. I must confess that a simple grill with sprinkled of salt is better than this one. The fish was fresh and its natural sweetness and flavour is still very well preserved in any way of preparation. The teriyaki sauce is simply delicious by itself. However, the skin is no longer crispy when soaked in the sauce this way.


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Another thing about Japanese food is that, everything serves at such petite portion and size it allows you to cheer your palate with various taste and flavours. This Udon is great for those desirable for soupy and hot dishes.


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Others would be served cold. Most appetizers and sushi are served cold to remain safe for consumption as most consist of raw ingredient.


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For those who is not so much of a big fan of raw food, there are cooked servings as well. Dishes that are more widely acceptable. Things like the California Roll, or any sushi with Soft Shell Crab.


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I was attracted with one of their new item, the Corn Sushi. It was nothing too complicated, just a simple thin slice of corn, slightly grilled and tied onto the sushi rice with the seaweed band. Kids would love it. If not, there is always something for the kids from the kids menu.


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Another new dish I would recommend to salad lovers is the SakaeSalad. Fresh greens and leaves with fresh raw salmon, tamago, seaweed, crab stick and more. Served with refreshing tangy salad sauce, this would be great for sharing.


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For those with sweet tooth, a good dessert is either their ice creams or just something from the sushi belt- the Mochi


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The outlet I visited this time was the Puchong IOI mall outlet. Located at the entrance of the new wing, this outlet has quite a spacious space to cater for more customers. The staffs here were not very efficient and I have never been too fancy with sushi prepared from inside the kitchen and sent through the sushi belt. It would be so much nicer if sushi is prep openly in from where customers can see them at the sushi bar. The service was slow, and it was not easy getting the attention of the waiters or waitresses.


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Before I left, I spotted these cute little devil at the cashier. Sushi candy! Rm 3.99 each!




Sakae Sushi is located at :
Lot EG002, Ground Floor, IOI Mall,
Batu 9, Jalan Puchong, Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100 Puchong, Selangor.
Tel: 03-80759311


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