No kidding but I do believe in trends and demands when it comes to food and restaurants. The Sunway Mentari has bloomed into a steamboat paradise over the past few years while the Subang Jaya SS 14 area is now blooming with Bah kut Teh shops. I so not realized when the trend begun but I am pretty sure some of the shops here have already been running for at least more than a decade or so.


1.@ss14 ah ping bkt (12)


Restaurant Ah Ping Bah Kut Teh is not an exceptional. The shop is located along with the many other Bah kut Teh shops in SS 14 right across the SS 15. These shop lots here were designed in such both the front and back of the shop is accessible. This welcomes customers from both direction and ensures good ventilation in the restaurant.


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The Bah kut Teh do not require a huge kitchen so the cooking is done at one corner of the shop. The meats are usually prep and cooked so upon order is up, all they did is to properly cut according to what’s in the order and fire it up on the stove in individual clay pots.


3.@ss14 ah ping bkt (8)_副本
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I like how they decorated the pot with a little bit of vegetables, just for the sake of it. But it was nice of them to at least try. Thumbs up for that.


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Most Bah kut Teh shops around here serves vegetables with simple flavours, mostly just soy sauce, oyster sauce and a sprinkle of fried shallots and some fried finely chopped garlic.


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I order mine mix, so it comes in an assorted mix of meats and inert, mushrooms and fried bean curd skin (fu Chuk).


7.@ss14 bkt (1)


And I really like eating Bah kut Teh with Yao char Kuey.


8.@ss14 bkt


Here in Ah Ping, they have the so called Dry Bah Kut Teh as well. For those who is still curious with what a dry bah kut teh is, the dish is basically just simple ingredients similar to such of the bah kut teh, but with thicker dark sauce and cooked with blasting fire till it thickens and dries into this thickly coated pieces of meat.


9.@ss14 ah ping bkt
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Ah Ping Bah Kut Teh is located at :
No. 42, Jalan SS14/2,
Subang Jaya,Selangor

Tel : 012-3233938/012-2678390


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19 Replies to “Ah Ping Bah Kut Teh @ SS 14

  1. Poh Huai Bin

    Interesting! I’ve seen the SS14 BKT shops but never been there.

    It sure looks good. I kinda like the dry version too! I think eating in a group with one soup and one dry would be the best mix.

    …and lots of innards of course! 😀

    • sycookies

      Hhahaah…I’m not too keen with those as well. They usually taste awful. I supposed this is the boss..his wife takes orders. 80 percent sure he is local, he speaks hokkien, mandarin and cantonese better than I do…lol.

  2. Sean Eat Drink KL

    this street is quite a bak kut teh haven! i know i’ve tried one or two of the outlets, but i can’t remember which one. it looks like a stormy evening again today in KL, and i wish SS14 were closer to my office, cos it might be a nice night for bak kut teh 😀

  3. Ciana

    Ah Ping BKT enjoys brisk business at night, with the diners all congregating on the five-foot-way. That’s SS14 for you. =D

    For some reason, I still prefer to head down to Klang for my BKT craving.

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