Paradise inn is located inside Sunway Pyramid and it is exactly where it used to be Xian Ding Wei. I am not quite a big fan of Chinese restaurants inside a mall but I gave it a try anyway. They are probably somewhere similar to the Dragon-i where there are Chinese dishes covering an array of dishes made from common ingredients like poultries, vegetables, or seafood and tofu. And like most Chinese restaurant where steam peanuts are often served as appetizers, this one is no exceptional.


1.peanut RM 3@paradise inn (1)


The table and settings were neat and clean, the two ultimate factors to please the dinners.


2.@paradise inn (4)


Starting the meal with the Crisp- fried Crystal Prawns in Fruity Salad Sauce, expect slight tangy sweet from the fruits and a refreshing sensation with mild natural flavour of the prawn which happens to be pretty fresh when I had this. Served sprinkled with Ebiko, the colour and presentation of the entire dish was enhanced and pleasantly appetizing.


3.Crisp- fried Crystal Prawns in Fruity Salad Sauce RM 29.90 (5)
4.Crisp- fried Crystal Prawns in Fruity Salad Sauce RM 29.90 (2)


Next is this unique dish of pork called the Coffee Pork Ribs. The texture of the rib was great too. It was soft and tender. The aroma of coffee was amazing but the flavour of coffee doesn’t roam around too long in your mouth. When smelling it was great, but when tasting it was slightly over rated. Tasted rather similar to marmite flavour except at the beginning where this has some bitter sweet taste of coffee.


5.Coffee Pork Ribs RM 19.90 (1)


Next is the Sweet chicken with honey ginger for those who don’t quite like pork. Now this is definitely a good choice because the sweetness is simply a coating of honey on the outside of each chicken bites but immediately right after the thick honey coating before the succulent chicken meat is the crispy layer of deep fried chicken skin. With the right temperature of oil when deep frying these chickens, the skin is awesomely astounding. Too bad they make the wrong choice serving all ankle part of the chicken wing, which barely has any meat and mostly chicken fats.


6.Sweet chicken with honey ginger RM 18@paradise inn 2 (22)


As for the vegetable lovers, they have assorted variations of seasonal vegetables and almost all the ways to cook it. Poaching, steaming, stir fried, boiling and many more. Just name it and they have it. I tried the Chinese Spinach with Egg and Minced Pork in Superior Stock and was rather disappointed when a few bites were full with fine soils. It was a disgusting mistake to not wash the vegetables thoroughly. And that happened to be the first few bites so my palate has completely been turned off pretty instantly.


8.chinese spinach with egg and minced pork in superior stock RM 16@paradise inn 2 (2)


For the lighter bites, there is the Teochew style crisp fried prawn roll which is delicious because the outer layer was deliciously crispy where else the inside is filled with freshly sweet prawns and minced pork. This goes really well with the dipping sauce and is great for sharing.


7.teochew style crisp fried prawn roll RM 12.90@paradise inn 2 (20)
9.teochew style crisp fried prawn roll RM 12.90@paradise inn 2 (21)
10.teochew style crisp fried prawn roll RM 12.90@paradise inn 2 (18)


Naturally, dishes would go with white rice but I tried the noodles as well. The menu was interesting, there is something for everyone. There are assorted noodles to pick but I feel like having the Home made style Fried Vermicelli so I ordered that. And to be real honest, I thought it was a little over priced. A simple plate for fried vermicelli for RM 19.90 and there weren’t much expensive ingredients at all. However, it was tasty nonetheless so I guess there is not much to complain.


13.@paradise inn 2 (1)
11.Home made style Fried Vermicelli RM 19.90 (2)
12.Home made style Fried Vermicelli RM 19.90 (1)


Also, this place is a good news for those who like soup a lot. There is a great variety of soup and for those simple dinners the Traditional Double Boiled Soup of the Day which happens to be watercress soup most of the time, is great for one person.


14.Traditioanlly Double Boiled Soup of the day RM 11.90 @paradise inn (23)


As for the dinning ambience, I find this place really calm and peaceful to dine in. The staffs were pretty efficient and do a great job keeping all the customers happy.


15.@paradise inn (2)
16.@paradise inn (3)
17.@paradise inn


As for the beverages, there are some fruit juices as well as my usual, tea. There is also an assorted variation of tea to choose and I went with the Tie Kuan Yin which sells at RM 6. I would prefer this to be served with smaller cups for instead of these.


8.2 TIe KuanYin RM 6 @paradise inn (6)


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    One of the few places that my in laws wouldn’t mind dining in. They’re not keen with restaurants per se like this but somehow MIL was smitten and we’ve returned quite a few times on her request.

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