Melaka has always had a good reputation when it comes to food. And most of the time, they don’t come from fancy cafe’s or five star restaurants. Being one of the attractions for tourists, the local food and cuisine is best at telling the story of the local culture.




Many places would have something similar but nothing beats the local flavour of the satay celup in Melaka. Having reviewed the craziest satay celup in town, we have all witness the long and absurd queue. People are willing to stay in line to squeeze themselves in one tiny shop to dine. Read about the the craziest satay celup here .




Here in the Ban Lee Siang, there are always available seats, and dining is at a much comfortable state. Also amazing is the closed fridge for their skewers. I absolutely love that. On top of that, food taken is not returnable. So watch how much you take on your tray from the fridge. Each skewers cost RM 0.70 each.




Here are a few photos of the available skewers. Look how fresh they are.




Also served is the plain white bread and freshly cut cucumbers. Every bite is still a little chilled and juicy from the fridge. I respect the effort and appreciate the freshness of their ingredients.




And speaking of freshness, one tiny drawback would be the continuous serving of satay sauce in the same pot for every customer. Some might not like that if they are particular with hygiene. People dislike the sauces being recycled from one customer to another. Good thing, they can make you new sauce at your table itself upon request and with charges of RM 40 per pot.




The satay sauce is also really thick with spices and peanuts. Not fiery hot, but delectably a little sweet yet savoury with the blasting aroma of the herbs and spices. And the good news is, you can now bring your favourite sauce home with you. The dried chili and spices are sold in boxes and they are only available at the Ban Lee Siang on the left. Three boxes of these made a pot of rich and thick satay sauce.




Note that this is the Ban Lee Siang on the left and not the right. Despite having same restaurant signage and the side by side locateion, they belong to two siblings. To take away the ingredient for those lovely satay sauce, make sure you visit the left shop.




Here is a thumb up to the food and the friendly owner of the Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup.




Please forgive the messy hairdo for this was my last stop of the day.



Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup is located at :
45, Jalan Ong Kim Wee,
75300 Melaka


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  1. Foong Pc (@foongpc)

    Oh now you can bring home the satay sauce? Didn’t know that! Yes I did find the recycled sauce rather unhygienic but you need to pay RM40 to change the whole pot?! I am not a big fan of satay celup actually, but I don’t mind eating it : )

    • sycookies

      Yes, it is quite expensive. But the boss insisted no one else could do this and that they can cook from scratch right at your table. And ya, I was quite impressed with the packed chili and rempah flakes. I had no idea it has come to this stage.

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