Not too long ago, someone was selling hard on Sanook to me. So I was in that neighborhood recently and I decided to check it out. Anyhow, the place is great for leisure dinning thanks to the lake view and the ambience. On a day with awesome weather, dining becomes even more enjoyable to just chill and relax a bit.




As a matter of fact, this place is stunning for leisure and dinning purposes. Especially meals like brunches.


2.@sanook (18)


Like many other restaurants around the lake in Plaza Kelana Jaya, Sanook is not too different when it comes to the ambience. There are table settings along the lake side with shady and sheltered atmosphere, as well as podiums with many greens and pots of plants. It was pleasantly calming.


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The food was seriously so-so. It was palatable, but nothing too fascinating or amazing in anyway. Not on the presentation or the taste. It was pretty ordinary to me. The French onion soup was real diluted so the taste of it was not impressive at all.


5.french onion soup@sanook (3)
6.french onion soup@sanook


The Mushroom soup was slightly better than the previous but the portion can impress me a bit more since they charged this at RM 10.34. What’s with the 34 cents? I have no idea.


8.mushroom soup RM 10.34 @ sanook


The garden salad is ordinarily served with thousand island sauce and parmesan sprinkled on it. salad@sanook (1)_副本


The main dishes have both western and Asian fusion style. Started with Aglio Olio Pasta pricing at RM22.41, the seafood wasn’t impressive when it comes to freshness. I believe the menu needs a little revision to maintain the freshness of those ingredients.


9.aglio olio pasta RM 22.41 @ sanook_副本


Followed by the Gyro Lamb Pita which is somewhat good thanks to the distinctive taste of lamb itself combined with fresh vegetable and dipping sauce. Dipping sauce is yogurt mint sauce that compliments the lamb, so it is not hard to imagine the taste of this dish.




The only dish that got my interest was the Sushi Hailam. The name itself describes a fusion of Japanese and Hainanese. So what you get is chicken rice rolled with seaweed, served with chicken rice chili. First of all, the combination of all these is pretty horrible. The rice is hard and dry, where else the chili lack garlic and ginger, as well as chicken oil. This dish was a total failure of creativity. I salute the guts to serve this and I give credit for the presentation.


11.sushi hailam RM 10.34 @sanook (12)_副本


Lastly the Three Flavoured Fish which is probably the only thing I agree to be on the menu. The sauce on those deep fried fish fillets were sweet savoury spicy, with strong aroma of garlic. Think those Thai chili sauce stir fried with pineapple, tomato and green peppers.


12.three flavour fish RM 17.24 @sanook (8)_副本


By the time it reaches the end of the meal, my appetite has completely been turned off for any heavy dessert. It is probably the dishes that I ordered, and like I have mentioned, there is so much on the menu so I might just pay them another visit. But then again, how do you maintain the freshness of your ingredient if everything is gourmet?




Sanook Bistro and Sports Bar is located at :
C-06, Plaza Kelana Jaya,
SS7/13A, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03-78773636


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  1. Sean Eat Drink KL

    Ooo, sushi Hailam sounds like something that could appeal to both fans of sushi and fans of hainanese chicken rice (including me!) if done right. Hopefully they’ll look into your feedback and fix the rice for future customers, since it’s a promising dish 😀

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