Hungry Jack’s is an Australian brand and boy, I sure do wish that we have this in Malaysia. This particular creativity of theirs that I particularly like a lot is those minis. They have these little mini burgers that are twin joined which I thought was really cute and perfect for sharing.


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They have beef or chicken, but this one is beef and it is named the Rodeo Mini. It wasn’t anything too awesome because after all, they are not gourmet burgers.


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Made with flame-grilled, 100% Australian beef, topped with melted cheese, delicious BBQ sauce and crispy-coated onion rings, the combination is fun.


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If you think mini is tiny, then that’s when you are wrong cause I thought the mini set was pretty filling.


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Drop by any Hungry Jack store whenever possible in Australia and try them out for yourself. Locate their store at .
Take note that the Hungry Jack’s is an Australian franchise of Burger King Corporation. So expect nothing too far from American flavours.


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