The Red Bean Bag is an Australian inspired café which is located in Publika and is prettily decorated into a great dining place with lots of tall glasses windows as well as many terraces of pot plants . The great aperture of tall windows allows the natural lighting and creating a warm and cozy dining ambience. I especially love the plants and the view from above the Publika square. Also lovely is their recycled cardboard menu.


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This place serves more than just breakfast but this time around we had breakfast/brunch coupled with few awesome fellow foodies. Starting with the RBB Signature Breakfast (RM 19.90) with poached, fried or scrambled eggs on toasts, sauteed mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, choices of beef/chicken sausages, beef bacon, baked beans and hash brown. Rather ordinary if you ask me. It was not the best scrambled egg I’ve had but the sausages redeemed the reputation of this breakfast quite a bit.


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Next is the beautiful Eggs atlantic. Two poached eggs with hollandaise sauce so perfectly done. Beneath is fresh mushrooms and smoked salmon, with two pieces of bread. Priced at RM 17.90, the runny yolk and hollandaise sauce moistens the toast to create a great combination in texture and flavour.


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Smoked salmon is rather generous and when nicely presented like these, happiness easily warms your heat and this one instantly draws your attention when served on the table.


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Savoury breakfast is delicious, but sweet breakfast is something no one can resist. Especially when a simple dish being overwhelmingly served with lots of creativity and fresh ingredients. My Classic French Toast is a fantastic choice if you don’t want a heavy breakfast. A thick slice of bread coated in shaved almonds served with fruits and maple syrup to please your sweet palate.


7.Classic French Toast - coated in shaved almonds served with fruit and maple syrup.@red bean bag (14)


If that one doesn’t trigger the sweet palate, ask for the Skyscraper Pancake Stack. A breakfast that is a little more suitable for the ladies and children. The colour of fruits so beautifully complimenting the pancake, with strawberries, caramelized bananas and maple syrup.




Don’t forget the combined flavour of slight salty from butter and bitter sweetness of the chocolate. The smoothness of the melted butter and chocolate syrup complimenting with the soft texture of the fresh pancake along with tangy sweetness of the assorted berries to instantly perk up the day makes this a great breakfast. All except the umami flavours in one is what to expect from the pancakes.


10.Skyscraper Pancake Stack with Strawberries, Caramelized Bananas and Maple Syrup (5)


Their breakfast beverages however, were not that impressive compared to their food. Not unless if you are a coffee person. The Red Bean Bag has got quite a few gorgeous choices for coffee lovers. Since I am not quite a fan for coffee, I went with the tea and juices. Also love the water served in a big bottle for sharing.




Tea is ….well, tea. And the juices are bottled juice. I really didn’t quite fancy that but it saids no added sugar or preservatives, and a hundred percent pure fruit juice.


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The Red Beanbag is located at:
Lot A4-1-8
Solaris Dutamas
Jalan Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 6211 5116


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      Many told me that, but I really am not a coffee person. So I stay away from it. Such a pity right? I know….. A coffee maniac friend of mine told me most shops in Australia sells good coffee. It’ll probably be the only thing I would always be clueless…

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