Instant noodle isn’t the healthiest meal but we can’t deny that it is one of the simplest food available around us. It is something that is quick enough to satisfy your hunger and convenient enough for a quick snack time. On top of that, we have all sorts of instant noodles coming in forms of packets, bowls, and cups. With the most convenient ones being cup noodles, the variety of flavours have expanded since the first instant noodle was invented in Japan. Today, Japan being the leading country with many delicate and creative elements in their food packages gives assorted sizes to their cup noodles. I recently got my hands on this mini cup noodle which I have yet to find their ultimate goal and purpose of this creation. But they are absolutely lovely by the looks of the size.


1.cup noodle (2)


All I can say is that the size is really cute, and the portion is great just to fulfill your taste bud when tasting different flavours of cup noodles. Amongst the many cup noodles that I have tasted, Japan and Hong Kong obviously suffices with the best cup noodles. Not forgetting Korean’s ramen as well as a few Thai brands.


2.cup noodle (3)


The father of instant ramen is Taiwanese born Japanese, Mr. Momofuku Ando (1910-2007) who dedicated his entire life to thinking about food in new and creative ways (Cupnoodles Museum, 2003). The first invention is the chicken flavoured noodle and was invented in 1958. The second invention came from Mr. Momofuku’s observation of the America supermarket managers breaking up the chicken ramen noodles and putting them in a cup filled with hot water while serving the customers with fork. He then reinvents instant ramen into cup noodles and within a finger snap, cup noodles instantly became popular.


3.cup noodle (1)


Look at the amount of the dried shrimp, pork and vegetables in one tiny cup, as opposed to the local noodles with almost none of these in it.


4.cup noodle


In 2005, Mr. Momofuku took his invention into higher level, pursuing his long held dream to invent a ramen that can be eaten in space. His creativity is much to not just be respected, but admirable. The company has spent a lot on research, study and invention. Apart from that, some of their cup noodle TV commercial might have been something that would trigger your creativity and some funny bones.


And here is the noodle in space commercial which really impresses me.


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  1. Nick Chan

    So cute! Where do you get it? Well, to me, cup noodle is the best food, but I just don’t dare to eat so much. Try out Taiwan’s, they have big big bowl noodle, with real meat. Malaysia is not so innovative in cup noodle, they are cheap, but has only noodle, and MSG soup.

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