The Wondermama is located in Bangsar, and the first thing anyone could relate to in Bangsar would be the difficulties in finding a parking bay. Located in Bangsar Village 1, the parking isn’t any easier but it is still better than having to go round and round to find a proper and legal parking bay. The décor of this restaurant is comfy with a choice of indoor or outdoor dining. Of which both preserving very old school décor.


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With interesting designs and decoration, you find yourself sitting in one of those old coffee houses with tiny floor tiles and those steel cups.


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A quick look at the menu and I realized this place serves ordinary coffee shop dishes with many fancy and expensive ingredients. The variety offers a fusion of dishes from a mix culture and tradition. Starting with the highly recommended starter called the Dancing Squid. This is a pan fried squid with butter cod fish roe and celery that is priced at RM 15.90 and cleverly served in a glass jar for that touch of great presentation.


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The squid is very nicely done, still maintaining the bouncy texture but not overcooked so it doesn’t become rubbery. The celery gives the strong aroma and at the same time complimenting the texture of the squid so you have both the soft and bouncy alongside the fresh crunch of the celery.


5.dancing squid @ wonder mama RM15.90


I tried the soup as well. A common Chinese dish called the ‘shiong tong’ clam is improvised into the Miso soup ‘shiong tong’ clam. It is prepared with goin bean, ginger, chili padi, and garlic. Good thing those clams are pretty fresh and not fishy at all. The soup however, lacks a little sweetness for after all miso is the flavour of soy bean.


9.shiong tong clam RM 14.90 @wonder mama


Next is the awesome Malay food every Malaysian is familiar with. The Maggi Goreng Special or in this case is called the Special seafood maggi goreng. Fried with generous and huge amount of seafood, there is sotong, prawns, scallop, mixed vegetable, onions and egg and served with this special homemade spicy sauce for RM 14.90.


8.Pecial maggi gorend RM14.90@ wondermama (1)


For that price, you get three or maybe four plates of maggi goreng in the mamak but I am sure you see why. The seafood is fresh and the special homemade spicy sauce is amazing. if you are already a fan of Maggi mee goreng then this one would definitely bedazzle your palate. If not, avoid this overpriced item.


10.Pecial maggi gorend RM14.90@ wondermama (2)


Then there is the assorted naan made into pizza which is also another clever fusion of the local favourite with toppings of fancy and pricy ingredients. I tried this Spicy salmon with red bean and cheese and some green salad as well as spicy sauce with corn. I would say it was okay for a RM 15.90 naan for as you can see, there are salmon and arugula which again is a clever use of ingredient. Just make sure to be extra careful when eating this cause mine was undercook and I could still play with the dough beneath the toppings.


11.Spicy salmon naan pizza Rm15.90 @ wonder mama (1)


As usual, I look forward to the end of every meal to taste the dessert. Here at the wondermama, desserts were exotically unique and diverse. There are cheesecakes and stuff, as well as the local kuih.


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For chilled desserts, there is this Wondermama Cendol which I thought was really pretty when served but when tasted, I got a little disappointed. I am not too sure about the freshness of their coconut milk but I am almost certain they weren’t fresh coconut milk.


12.wonder mama cendol Rm4.90 (6)


However, it is nice to see them being so generous with the gula Melaka as that is the essential ingredient in cendols.


13.wonder mama cendol Rm4.90 (3)


Be safe and go ahead with their Ice Cream Potong or perhaps just a glass of Sour Sop Juiceat RM 6.80.


18.@wonder mama bangsar
19.sour sop juice RM6.80 @ wonder mama (1)


In general, I think this is a great place for modern Malaysian and you ought to find touches of Malaysian culture in almost every dish. Indulge and recollect your memory of all our local delights here at the wondermama


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The Wondermama is located at :
G6, Ground Floor, Bangsar Village 1,
No 1, Jalan Telawi Satu,
Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-22849821
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