Pizza is great especially when it made such simple and easy meal on one of those lazy days when you decide to not cook or eat out. To have Pork pizza is even more amazing for that pork lover and to have more than just pizzas on the menu should be a plus point for any pizza house. Foodeverywhere reviews the variety on Skippys’ menu and I really like their lamb.


The Green Salad (RM9.00) was the first to be served and this is obviously good news for butterhead lettuce lover as there the main green in it is this vegetable itself. Topped with cherry tomatoes and julienne carrots and cucumber, every mouth can be easily consumed without falling off your fork. The dressings are enlightened with herbs and spices to give that mild flavouring which I reckon is perfect as side for a meaty meal.


1.Green Salad (5)_


Since pizza and pork should be the star in this place, the pizzas were given quite a bit of spotlight. Those toppings are generous on a thin crust resulting in very flavourful slices. Each slice is completed with a solid texture meat ball.


4.Meat Lovers (13)_


But I think the lamb pizza is really amazing. So much more to my liking compared to the pork pizza. The Meat Lover is basically loaded with lots of pork. With the amount of pork, expect a little fatty oil and succulent texture in every bite of thin crust with pork bacon, pork ham, pork pepperoni, minced pork and BBQ sauce. (Price: RM 32.00 for 12 inch and RM 26.00 for 9 inch)


3.Meat Lovers (12inch - RM32.00), (9inch - RM26.00) Pork Bacon, Pork Ham, Pork Pepperoni, Minced Pork, and BBQ Sauce @skippys_


Marc’s Special would absolutely appeal to those with an overpowering flavour of herb aroma, garlic in particular. Also combining that with the pork ham, baby spinach and egg, as well as mushrooms which by the way is one amazing pair with garlic. (Price: RM 32.00 for 12 inch and RM 26.00 for 9 inch)



And the star of them all would be the Lamb Pizza, which is stunning because. Similar to most pizza, there is sun-dried tomato, bell peppers, olives, onion, and the perfectly minced lamb. The meat is really soft but not mushy and it is mildly flavoured with the usual distinctive lamb flavour. (Price: RM 33.90 for 12 inch and RM 27.90 for 9 inch)


5.Skippy Special Lamb Pizza (RM33.90)Minced Lamb, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Olives and Onion @skippy_


The Burgers are what got us here because they are the new item at the Skippys. I tried three of the new ones and once again, I am in love with the Lamb Burger with Fries. I’m loving the soft patty so nicely minced and moderately accompanied by the amazing size of the sesame bun. Fries were not served too much cause that might just steal the space for the buger. Besides, the fries were somewhat ordinary so you don’t need too much of that. The burger and fries combination is selling at RM 14.90.


6.Lamb Burger with Fries (5)


With the prominence old menu of pork as the main ingredient, the new menu also comes with pork patty for the Pork Burger.The pork patty would be greater if is minced a bit more fine and served a bit thicker for that better texture. The Chicken Burger did okay with the patty, but if they are thin then that’s when it could be overcooked and hence resulting at a tougher texture.




Having said that, the burgers are relatively bigger in diameter compared to many other places.


9.chicken burger @ skippy RM 12.90 (1)_


They serve pastas and steaks as well. The Spaghetti Aglio Oilo has a great texture. Same goes with the Chessy Pork Meatballs (6 pcs) with spaghetti and the new Lamb Meatballs (6pcs) with chessy sauce and spaghetti but the later two obviously win my palate with the flavour and topping on the pasta itself.


10.Aglio Olio (RM15.00)@ skippys_
12.Cheesy Pork Meatballs with Spaghetti (1)_


And for the meat lovers out there, how about A rack of ribs with potatoes and salad for a affordable price of RM 23.90.


13.A Rack of Ribs with Potatoes & Salad (1)_
14.A Rack of Ribs with Potatoes & Salad (7)_


The best way to eat this would be caveman style, I recommend getting your fingers dirty and digging it in before they are gone.


15.A Rack of Ribs with Potatoes & Salad (10)_


If that looks huge, then go with the Pork ribs in 7 sauces for RM 20. The sauce is interestingly flavourful .Thick and rich and most similar to the BBQ sauce but slightly sweeter and tastier.


16.Pork Ribs in 7 Sauces (RM20.00@ skippys pizza (31)_


When dining in a big group or ordering in for parties, the sides makes a good add on to all the other main dishes on the menu. There is the Chicken wing in 7 sauces at RM 15 as well as the Chili Mussels at RM 30 which is so much similar in taste to the canned sardine flavour, except this is fresher and tastier with no preservatives, and came with awesome mussels. Tangy sweet at first and follows by the spike of spiciness, the sauce is just amazing.


17.skippys pizza (36)_副本
18.Chilly Mussels (3)_副本


Food as I always said is best when shared. Thank Skippys Pizza for the great hospitality, and thank FOOD for the invitation. Also, thank the awesome company of the night, The Summerkid , The Malaysian Foodie , and The Perut Besi .


19.skippys pizza (76)_


Dining in has got the fun of proper dining spaces with friendly services with a very Australia inspired decor but note to all, the limited spaces in the restaurant might lead to higher temperature indoor especially if seated nearer to the kitchen area. Or you can always order in and enjoy the lovely dishes at the comfy of your own space.


20.skippys pizza (1)
21.skippys pizza (2)
The many little decorations and paintings or hanging boomerang is something that would remind anyone a lot of Australia.
22.skippys pizza (8)


Skippys Pizza is located for dine in at :

107 Blok D Phileo Damansara 1,
No. 9 Jalan 16/11, Off Jalan Damansara,
43650 Petaling Jaya.
GPS Coordinates: N3 07.649 E101 38.580
(note: 6% service charge for dine in)

Delivery Area:
Bandar Utama, TTDI, Tropicana, Damansara
Perdana, SS1-26,Mutiara Damansara, Mount Kiara, Hartamas, Bangsar, Subang Jaya, PJ section 4-22, Damansara Heights.
Other areas on request.
No deliveries during heavy rain & thunderstorms
Minimum order RM 30.00
Tel: 03-7931 2555

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