Chinese restaurants in malls are doing a great job providing both ala carte and family dishes meal menu to cater to shoppers. The Dragon-i is absolutely one of the few popular ones with a light variety of dim sums, noodles, rice and dishes of different poultries, seafood, and vegetables. Every now and then, they have seasonal ingredient, meaning seasonal featured dishes etc.


The most famous DimSum namely the Shanghai Xiao Long Bao is nothing compared to the ones on the street in China. However, when served hot and made to steamed upon each order, would taste as good. The thing about the chefs in most of these outlets is that they like prepping these for instant on the go whenever there is an order.


1.shanghai siu long pau@dragon -i (4)


This results in hard tip on the top of those dumplings. Using napa cabbage leafs at the bottom of those dumpling in the steaming basket is a brilliant move because the leafs have got its natural sweetness and the mildly refreshing sweet fragrant enhances the taste of the steaming dumpling.


3.shanghai siu long pau@dragon -i (6)


And speaking of enhancing the flavour, nothing beats black vinegar with julienned ginger. The combination is absolutely mind blowing.


4.shanghai siu long pau@dragon -i (5)


Although they always serve the common steamed peanut as appetizer, I really like starting the meal with a basket of those dumplings first. Many might not have been aware of this, but the appetizer is optional and you can decline the serving so you wouldn’t be charged an extra RM 2.




And speaking of appetizer, this Deep Fried Beancurd with Salt and Pepper is a devil that is a must have. The skin is amazingly crunchy with the taste a slight salty and spicy hot pepperish. And on the inside is the blasting soft and smooth beancurd which is very milky flavoured with soya bean. The dipping sauce of Thai Chili sauce compliments this dish beautifully.




Another starter which was a blunder by choice is the Corn Soup which is quite crappy if you ask me. There isn’t any natural sweetness from corn despite it being the main ingredient in this soup. The soup is basically starchy with egg flowers and few pathetic corns to make up this tiny bowl selling at Rm 12.


8.corn soup RM 12@dragon -i (6)


Well, you know what they say about prices and dishes. Just can’t expect too much when you are undercharged. On the other hand, the Braised Sharks Fin Soup with Hairy Crab Meat was a different story. It is served to be suitable for about 2 pax, and selling at Rm 128. And it promises rich ingredient which I don’t quite encourage eating.




If indeed craving for soup, or must have soup then go for their noodle menu. Dragon-i sells rather palatable meal with not only noodle and soup but a fair bit of vegetable with meats as well. This Pork Rib LaMien is one of which that is lovely to be enough for just one person. The soup is clear and very suitable to go with the pork rib.


11.pork rib la 11.mien Rm 18@dragon -i (2)


If soupy noodles are too bland for your palate, then the Fried Seafood Noodle would be lovelier. The powerful flavour of black pepper gives all the flavour to this dish. The noodle is handmade and the texture was great to be prepared this way. Think thick pinched mee hoon kuih cooked in stir fried style and you would feel the resemblance in the two textures.


12.seafood noodle RM 18 @ dragon i


If eating dishes with rice, the Stir fried fish might be something great for family or big group dining. The fish slices were slightly fried to have the coating texture on the outside and soft juicy meat on the inside. This dish is stir fried to have coated gravy and this enhances the presentation of the dish.


13.Stir fried fish RM 20 @ dragon i


Talking about gravy and fish, and yes, I do like fish and seafood a lot, the Sautéed Egg White with Fish and Dried Scallops is really tasty and very suitable for children. The little ones would love food slightly mushy and plus, the taste is great. Served to us with a raw yolk in the middle, the dish looks great before stirring it.




I also tried the Crispy Fried Duck, served either as whole or half. We went with half of course, and that costs RM 38.


16.Crispy fried duck RM 38 @ dragon i (3)


When eating alone as it is, the texture from the crispy outer layer is obviously weird. The crispy is different from those that were roasted. This one is weirdly texture with some chewy fat layer beneath the duck skin.


18.Crispy fried duck RM 38 @ dragon i (1)


I personally didn’t quite fancy the texture as it reminds me of pork fats. However, when combined and eaten as roll, it wasn’t that bad.


17.Crispy fried duck RM 38 @ dragon i (4)


Finally, the overpriced tea that cost RM 5 per person and minimum order for a pot of tea is for 2 pax.




Check out their chrysanthemum tea. It is served with a bit of Wolfberry in it. Other premium teas includes the choices of Jasmine Pearl, Shou Mei, vintage Pu-Er, and Oolong Green Tea.




A few quick tips to dinners, you are not allowed to choose seats in this outlet. At least it is what I experienced. The system in this outlet is to go by head counts. There is no way you could have ask for a big table if there is only two of you. Two meaning strictly the small table even though you are ordering dishes for 10 pax. That makes my dining experience real awful and uncomfortable when there isn’t enough space for me to even move my arms a bit. Honestly, I won’t return to the same outlet no matter what. I don’t recall a pleasant dining experience here.




Dragon-i is located in Sunway Pyramid at :
G1.43 Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid,
3 Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway,46150 Selangor
Phone: 03-7492 3688


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