The Golden Orchid is located in PJ in one of the shop rows in Jalan SS 22. It would be hard to locate them without the GPS, especially with the construction that is going on nearby. And if you are not familiar with that area, it might take you a while to find it. With all the apps and GPS tracking on the smart phones, be rest assure that you’ll find this place in no time. There are lots of parking spaces, and during the night time, it would be difficult to miss the vibrant lighting of the restaurant’s name.


Upon entering, it is almost immediate to tone yourself and easily blend into the cozy and comforting lighting in the restaurant. And of course, the warm welcoming greeting by PAHTIMAH, at the doorway.


2.golden orchid (9)


3.golden orchid (7)


Serving oriental Thai cuisine, the flavours of their dishes are very much already tuned to favour the local palate. Starting with their Tom Yam Seafood which sells at RM25 and RM45 for two different sizes respectively, the combination of all flavours in this is complimenting one another so well there is nothing that was excessively over throwing anything other flavour in the soup. It looks trenchantly sour and spicy, but the taste was irresistibly seductive.


4.Tom Yam Seafood RM25-Small  RM45-Big golden orchid (2)


The seafood is ordinarily usual but they serve quite a bit of their dishes of mainly seafood. Speaking of which, the platter comes in a combo mix of few dishes which is accompanied by this tangy and mildly spicy dipping sauce. Great and perfect for sharing, this Golden Orchid BBQ Combo Platter serves at Rm 68.


5.Golden Orchid BBQ Combo Platter Rm 68 golden orchid (2)


Comes with lots of lambs and prawns and squids, the grilled ingredients is perfect to go with the dipping sauce and apart from the lamb which already has a distinctive flavour of its own, the rest preserves the natural flavour and prevails to stand out with their fresh texture.


6.Golden Orchid BBQ Combo Platter Rm 68 golden orchid (5)


I enjoy the prawn very much, but would love it more if they hadn’t removed the body shells of the prawns.


7.Golden Orchid BBQ Combo Platter Rm 68 golden orchid (4)
8.Golden Orchid BBQ Combo Platter Rm 68 golden orchid (6)


Another platter that was very enjoyable that night was the Kembong Fish Platter that is common to be found on the menu of most Thai restaurant, be it the authentic ones or the fusion ones. It is a very simple dish consisting of mainly very natural ingredient in it with no addition of heavy spices and flavouring. There is the grrens, which most might not like it as they are somewhat raw.


9.Kembong Fish Platter RM18 golden orchid (1)


And some fried brinjal and kembong fish which again might not have been the favourite fish to most people out there. the kembong fish itself is flavourful and many find that unacceptably fishy. However, this dish works its own magic with this combination as well as the most important element to sparkle the taste bud, the chili sauce. Strong belancan and strong chili making this my favourite sauce for the night. I thought it was another wonderful dish for sharing at the price of R M18.


10.Kembong Fish Platter RM18 golden orchid (2)
11.Kembong Fish Platter RM18 golden orchid (6)


We were served two fishes both I find it awesome with the flavours if done correctly. The first is the Thai Style Steamed Fish that sells at a fix price for small and big at RM 38 and RM 58 respectively. Don’t expect them to top the freshness in the seafood, and yet they also did try hard with the flavour of the dish.


12.Thai Style Steamed Fish RM38-Small  RM58-Big Golden orchid (75)


The ingredients and spices on this fish is flooding the hot metal fish shaped plat and the gravy didn’t quite meet up to the usual Thai style that is really rich and tangy spicy.


13.Thai Style Steamed Fish RM38-Small  RM58-Big Golden orchid (68)


Same to go with the Fried Fish with Keng Som which was better than the first, maybe because it was fried before submerging into the spicy sauce with lots of tomatoes, and vegetables.


14.Fried Fish with Keng Som RM38-Small  RM58-Biggolden orchid


The sourish flavour is appetizingly interesting with lots of other vegetables in it.


15.Fried Fish with Keng Som RM38-Small  RM58-Biggolden orchid (6)


I love what they did with the Buttermilk Prawn as well. Lovely prawns with a lot of gravy which so coincidently is to my liking. I don’t see how this is any bit very Thai because in Malaysia, people eat this all the time which I am not surprise since the two country have so much similar influences in culture. Except that this one here has more gravy than the usual that we have.


16.Buttermilk Prawn RM 38 golden orchid (1)


Follow by the yummy Golden Orchid Special Fried Chicken at RM 18 which is delectably great to go in a meal of dishes and rice. Once again, this is nothing too Thai or rather it has already very much localized to our local palate. Nevertheless it was still good. The chicken was amazingly marinated so it was really flavourful.


17.Golden Orchid Special Fried Chicken RM 18 golden orchid


The dishes were not spicy at all, despite to supposedly be Thai dishes, which commonly is well known to be spicy. This also applies to the Paku Pakis which is definitely my favourite. Thai or no Thai, I love this one. Here in the Golden Orchid, the vegetable which belong to the fern leaf family, is done stir fried with sambal belacan The vegetable is sweet and crunchy at the same time pleasantly tender because only young stalks were use. Thumbs up for that!!


18.Paku Pakis RM13 stir-fried with sambal belacan golden orchid(48)


Thai Fish Cake serves at RM 14 and it was the least favourite of mine so far. The texture was really rough and unpleasantly coarse in texture. Not the best I’ve had.


19.Thai Fish Cake RM14 for 4pcs golden orchid (2)


Good thing the Thai Style Omelette manage to redeem their reputation with the very fluff and light texture as well as superb wok heat to ensure the perfect crisp on the outside and fluff on the inside omellete. Must be lots of oil there, but it was awesome! It was priced averagely at RM 15.


20.Thai Style Omelette rm 15 golden orchid (2)


Lastly, my favourite Thai dessert Tub Tim Krob sells at an average price of RM 4.80 each. There is not enough coconut milk in it so the flavour truly lacks a little. Same goes with the Candied Tapioca which also sells at RM 4.80, this one is nothing too impressive as well. I would definitely prefer the texture to be slightly softer and more flavourful within the tapioca itself.


21.Tub Tim Krob rm golden orchid (9)
22.Candied Tapioca rm 4.8 golden orchid (4)


The dishes are all fairly priced and very decent for family meals. The flavours are very mild for Thai flavours but great with the oriental touch. Nevertheless I enjoyed the dinner very much and I must thank PureGlutton ,, Jim ,, Food POI , , Eric , and the lovely Ysquare for the great night. Also not forgetting to thank the organizer and the good food from the Golden Orchid Restaurant, as well as my budy Juwin. And lastly, thank Caroline for the invitation. Food tastes better when shared.


The Golden Orchid (Oriental Thai Cuisine) is located at:
12-14 Jalan SS22/25
Damansara Jaya
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 7722-2228
GPS Coordinates: 3.127787, 101.617865
Business Hours:
Lunch: Mon-Fri: 11:30am-2:30pm

Dinner:Sun-Thu: 5:30pm-10.00pm
Fri-Sat: 5:30pm-11.00pm


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