With so many burger places around town since the past six months or so, it is sometimes hard to decide which is the best in terms of the quality be it just the patty, the bun, the creative toppings, the sauces and the price. Burgers are something really simple and yet delicious and filling for a meal. with the many that is blooming and still up and coming with more, Burgertory has done the folks in Subang Jaya a great favour while offering delicious burgers with awesome value for money.




Upon entering, the left panel of wall is filled with photos of the proud memories of the amazing team which realizes the entire dream of delivering the freshest burgers to the customers. Starting with the set up of the entire store, to the preparation of the food, team burgertory build every inch of the business right from scratch. The fine work of wiring and piping as well as carpentering and food preparation is all sweat and blood of the entire team. The chairs and tables look really fine and perfect for dine in.




Of course, don’t forget to take a moment to move through the timeline of the birth of this burger restaurant.




The tools that served the team are nonetheless the powerful icon to flaunt and exhibit to their customer. So it was all stored right next to the ordering counter at the open kitchen.




The open kitchen is great because there are nothing to hide and the customers and diners can certainly look and observe how every burger is prepared with the greatest intention to deliver the best burger.




I am certainly impress and obviously touched with how the team burgertory does it with so much passion. I am obviously even more impressed with the big menu hanging on the wall.




That didn’t just stopped there because the food was the next ‘wow factor’ after the entire D.I.Y concept. Starting with the Caramelised onion Burger at RM 13, it comes with mild Cheddar cheese & homemade brown onions on their amazing patty. Something that is sufficiently satisfying for regular burger.


12.caramelised onion rm 13-Mild Cheddar cheese & homemade brown onions with 100% premium pork


Then there is the Bacon and cheese plus+ at RM 24, it comes with the double cheddar cheese and the double pork patties, as well as double pork bacon as topping. The patty was thick and moist, and has a great mix of flavour on top of a good texture which is enjoyably stunning when biting and chewing.


10.bacon and cheese plus+ rm 24-Double Cheddar cheese, double 100% premium pork patties, double pork bacon@ burgertory (3)


Each bite is filled with juicy meat with tasty flavour and awesome sauce to go with the fries and onion rings. And let’s not forget the mozzarella cheese stick and their free flow of soft drinks. This is called the Bugertory Combo. Something you’ll get on top of your ala carte burger with an add on of RM 9.


11.bacon and cheese plus+ rm 24-Double Cheddar cheese, double 100% premium pork patties, double pork bacon@ burgertor (1)


Too much? Then let’s down size that to half with the Swine bacon and cheese for RM 16. Comes with mild cheddar cheese and pork bacon, I feel so much better thinking I won’t have to add on some more time to my regular cardio workout session.


20.swine bacon and cheese rm 16 -mild cheddar cheese , pork bacon and 100% premium pork @ burgertory (1)


Then there is the Beef cheese fondue that sells at RM 18.50 for ala carte burger and the patty comes from 100% grass fed beef. Something that is just nice in portion, and simple enough to savour the tasty burger on its own without any fancy toppings.


13.Beef cheese fondue -rm 18.50 ala carte burger-cheese fondue with 100% grass fed beef (1)
14.Beef cheese fondue -rm 18.50 ala carte burger-cheese fondue with 100% grass fed beef


Taking about fancy toppings, you’ll find yourself shrooming after the Shrooming Bull at RM 15.50 (ala carte). On top of the beef patty, there is mild cheddar cheese with button mushroom for a different combination of flavour.


15.shrooming bull (4)(rm 15.50 ala carte burger- mild chedar cheese, button mushroom, 100%grass fed beef)


Or catch some smoke with the Burgertory Hot Smoke at RM 15 (ala carte). Served in closed packaged, there is supposedly smoke coming out when unwrapping it but I couldn’t catch the smoke on picture.




It is served with homemade BBQ sauce and montary jack cheese. The BBQ sauce is almost overpowering the cheese but it still contributes the milky flavour to tone it down pleasantly.


18.burgertory hot smoke rm 15 ala carte-homemade bbq sauce and montery jack cheese with 100% grass fed beef (3)


Burgers definitely aren’t oriental but with a touch of creativity with some asian flavours, we get the Mascarpone Curry and Cheese at RM 15 (ala carte) and you get layers and layers of local favourites. On top of the premium pork patty, there is mild cheddar cheese, fried egg, onion rings, and the lovely mascarpone curry sauce. Every bite is flavoured with curry and the combination of those with the fried egg, tasted real curry puff-ish to me.


19.Mascarpone 19.Curry & Cheese RM 15ala carte-mild cheddar cheese, fried egg, onion rings, mascarpone curry sauce and 100% premium pork


Also touched by the Japanese fusion here is the Pioneer. At RM 17 for an ala carte, you get the usual pork patty with mild cheddar cheese, sliced cabbage, tobiko, crab sticks, and the pimento sauce. I am impress with how they keep they put in so much effort to work on burgers only so to meet that consistency as well as the top quality ingredients that were used. Totally gourmet and they mix all their sauces in the house so you probably won’t get the sauce sauce anywhere else. I’m quite impressed with the Pimento sauce and I thought it was a brilliant flavour to go with the crabsticks and tobiko.


21.The pioneer rm 17 alacarte-Mild Cheddar cheese, sliced cabbage, Tobiko, crab sticks, Pimento sauce & 100% premium pork@ burgertory


And last but not least, the irresistibly sinful genius called the Burgertory Treassure which sells at RM 13 (ala carte) is a must have for pork lovers. Who could have guessed that the crispy pork lards would give us such sensation of flavour combustion, especially with the melted mild Cheddar cheese.


22.burgertory treassure rm 13 alacarte-Mild Cheddar cheese & crispy pork lard with 100& premium pork@ burgertory


I really like the pork patties at the Burgertory and the creativity is something interesting at the same time with a size that isn’t too absurd to consume even though the bread has got some room for improvements. So the burgers are good to go with ala carte with prices starting from RM 12 and the normal combo of fries and free flow of soft drink would require another RM 5. What we had was the Burgertory Fry Combo that comes with fries, onion rings, cheese stick and free flow soft drinks which costs RM 9. Using good meat for their patties, fine ingredients like sea salt, and their own mix of sauces, I truly appreciate all the effort. I would surely return for their vegetarian burger.


I’m loving the food and the company of awesome people. Thank Burgertory for the good food, and great company from ,Foodirector ,Choulyin ,FOOD, Clevermunkey , Ruth , and Senrining .


Burgertory is located at :
8A, 1st Floor, Jalan SS15/4D
Subang Jaya
47500 Petaling Jaya
Tel: (+603)5611 9991
Business hours: Tuesdays – Sundays 6:00p.m. – 11:00p.m.
Email: burgertory@hotmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Burgertory


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    • sycookies

      Very slightly smaller, but their patty is about 2cm ish ++. The double ones are tall, but their normal burger is ok. Not too difficult to bite. There was 2 kid of 6 or so who finishes the entire burger without parents help. So I guess it was ok portion. Just nice to give some space for some combo add ons and chat with friends. 🙂

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  2. Drops of Contentment

    Omg looks so yums! Don’t fancy the location though.. so been putting off visiting. Love the fact that the owners did all the woodwork and layout themselves, so hands-on. Most interesting in the Mascarpone Curry one and of course, the lard-y one. :p

    • sycookies

      Can try them for once at least. The sides were pretty normal but the pork burger patties are okay. Ya, the area is abit jam sometimes. But good news is, they are located at where the parking bays are a bit more loose. 😀

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