Last month, the students from the Sunway College put up a cooking class by the lovely Marina Mustafa and I am very honored to have attended the workshop and meet this great author for the very first time. Marina Mustafa is a cook with more than 20 years of experience and has published three cookbooks on top of staring in her cooking show on TV. She is a very cheerful and bubbly person and I enjoy her demonstration held at the roof top of the Sunway College.




Marina herself is a great cook and was amazing in engaging the audience while she demonstrates two simple yet delicious dishes. Attended by mostly the students and academic staffs of the Sunway College, these youngsters are very enthusiast despite the very hot weather on the roof top that day. with marina mustafa


One of her cook book that I remember well was the “Memorable Recipes for Malay Occasions” where she shares Malay culture through many different occasions with the very authentic recipes. A book that is so much joy to read even for those who have no interest whatsoever in cooking. To me, the best way to understand culture is through their food.




Marina Mustafa also hosted on Astro Awani some time ago and those videos of each episode is on her very own Youtube Channel . I was lucky to be attending this event and it was nice seeing her in person doing what she enjoys with so much energy and devotion.




She shared recipes for chicken pie and a dessert and they were both really simple yet delicious. In no time, the audiences (including yours truly) were happily enjoying the chicken pie (which looked different like how pies should be, under such circumstances of not having a complete kitchen here at the roof top) and the cramelised banana.




I had a great time with Marina Mustafa and kudos to all the students. Putting up a workshop is not easy and their effort is very much admirable.




Thank the invitation and here are some links to get to know more about cooking with Marina Mustafa.


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