The new Eat and Drink Melaka chapter doesn’t take us far from the Jonker Street as well. Having published a few before this and getting some positive responses that it is helpful, I think I’ll post a bit more frequently from now on. When visiting Melaka, food is always something on top of the list when travelling in the city. Alas, the best is hidden at various corners all over Melaka. If you have only a few days to eat it all, you’ve got to go with the ones within a close proximate from one another. That way, you’ll get to savour all the good local food.


1.@san su kong


San Shu Gong is this awesome local delicacy shop where you get everything you’ll ever hunt for in Melaka. There are dodol, pineapple tarts, biscuits, and confectionery as well as some fancy caffeine and non caffeine beverages that is revolutionised for the younger generation as well as fellow tourists. But the Cendol would be something so conveniently commercialised for fellow tourists. To be very honest, the local natives would hardly have cendol at this place but they make it so tourist friendly at location so geographically strategic it is difficult to pass on them.


3.@san su kong (13)


The two storey building is right at the junction of the famous Jonker Street it would be rather difficult to not see them.


2.@san su kong (19)


A lot of the time, it is packed with tourists that are busy shopping for gifts. The assorted confectionery makes perfect souvenirs. The cendol counter on the other hand is usually filled with lots of students most of the time.


4.@san su kong (8)


I guess the design, and packaging as well as the marketing has vouched their popularity and thus ranking them at number 75 out of 192 restuarants in Melaka on the Tripadvisor . Not to mention the beautiful view within and around the building.


5.@san su kong (14)
6.@san su kong (7)
7.@san su kong (5)
8.@san su kong (12)


The famous Durian cendolhere is not easily found anywhere else and therefore is like a bonus for the durian lovers. So instead of the usual cendol, imagine a mix of durian in it.


9.@san su kong (15)
10.@san su kong (6)


The cendol is refreshingly delicious especially on one of those hot days. With fresh coconut milk and gula melaka, the cendol is absolutely stunning with awesome mix of texture from the ingredients in the cendol.


11.@san su kong (17)


The San Shu Gong is located at :
33, Jalan Hang Jebat,
75200 Melaka.
Tel: 06-282 8381
Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm (Daily)


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