The burger trends are coming up one by one and people seem to really like it. I’m not sure if more burgers can attract more crowds to the T.G.I.F. I guess the entensive choices of menu is what’s making people happy. It is making us happy when my Sony gang decided to have our gatherings at the TGIF sunway pyramid.




The new burgers artistically preserve the classic taste with touches of creativity customised to bring lots of fun and joy to the dinners. Basically the Friday’s Stack House Burgers like many others are packed with layers or ingredients all stacked up in a burger. But unlike many others, it is not difficult to eat them. The Mushroom Chicken Mushroom Burger here sells at RM 29.90 with crispy breaded chicken breast, melted Provolone cheese and horseradish sauce topped with sautéed mushrooms, balsamic onions and battered Portobello mushroom fries.


2.beef bacon burger rm 23.90 tgif (1)_


Digi subscribers would be happy to hear this. All Digi users get 1 free cocktail or mock tail with every order of T.G.I Friday’s new Stack House Burger. The choice of cocktails or mocktails are Top Shelf Mojito (RM26.90++), Mango Caramel Mojito (RM20.90++), Strawberry Mojito (RM19.90++), and this Signature Mojito (RM19.90++). Christin seemed to enjoy this very much.




The rest of us are happy with everything else on the menu. Starting with the Wings at RM 22.90, which is perfect for sharing. The well marinated and flavourful chicken wings were succulent and juicy. Top that with some refreshing celery trimmed to the perfect texture.


4.full wings rm 22.90 tgif


The Mushroom Soup on the other hand was nothing impressive and with so many other dinners serving good mushroom soups, it’s time they revise their recipe on this one. Too much flour, and very little mushroom. For RM 13.90, I would rather go for the Clam Chowder, also selling at RM 13.90 but yet filled with chunks of seafood, and very flavourfully thick.


5.mushroom soup and clam soup rm 13.90_副本
6.mushroom soup and clam soup rm 13.90 (2)_副本


Next is the Shrimp Chicken Pasta at RM 30.90. It wasn’t the best pasta I have had but saying that didn’t do them any justice as pastas aren’t their forte. At least the shrimps are fresh and generously served.


7.shrimp chicken pasta rm 30.90 tgif_


The Sizzling Chicken Cheese is my all time favourite with that lean chicken breast meat with some mashed potatoes and rich grill of cheese and capsicums sizzled on a hot plate when served. Selling at RM 31.90 and depending on your appetite, the portion might have been a little too much for the small eaters.


8.sizzling chicken cheese rm31.90 tgif_


Fans of Tennessee, don’t forget the Tennessee Burger and Tennessee Steak, selling at RM 27.90 and RM 59.90 respectively. Coated with rich Tennessee sauce on the juicy plum sized beef, you know it’s good when someone happily whack the food before i get to photograph it. Bummer.


9.tennes burger rm 27.90 tgif_
10.tennes steak rm59.90 tgif (1)_


The T.G.I.F gourmet burger certainly knows their way in fulfilling ones satisfaction when it comes to burgers.


11.tennes burger rm 27.90 tgif (2)_
12.tennes burger rm 27.90 tgif (


Good food must be accompanied by good friends. Thank all who attended the gathering. I love you people.




T.G.I.F Sunway outlet is located at:
Lot OB3-F-1, F-2 & F2.92, First Floor,
Sunway Pyramid
No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15,
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: 03 – 5635 3780
Located other outlets on their website at :


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  1. missyblurkit

    Awesome size for the stack house burgers:D Certainly fun enough to be shared among friends if one were to order the different flavours.

    Loved the mojitos quite a bit. Am surprised that its fairly potent.

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