After the SS 14 bah kut teh (BKT) review beginning with the Ah Ping BKT restaurant , next is one that claims to be a hundred percent from Klang and is called the Restoran Chuan Bah Kut Teh. The menu is so interesting here they offer so much more than just BKT itself. There is Sharks meat on the menu just in case any potential fear factor candidate would like to order that. I’ll eat it if no one said anything about it but unfortunately there is no way I can bring myself to ordering one of those. Perhaps next time when I am a bit more prepared.


1.ah chuan bkt


At the Bah Kut Teh restaurant, the main thing is for sure the BKT. I tried the BKT soup as well as the dry BKT. The first was nothing too extraordinary out of most of the BKT soup along the shop lots here in the SS 14. Still, they are already pretty good and rich in lots of herbs and spices. The ingredients are pretty standard like many others ; there is assorted pork, intestine and innards as well as mushrooms and some fu chuk.


2.ah chuan bkt (10)


The second was the dry BKT and it was deliciously generous with flavours as well as fresh ingredients. Some thick soya sauce and a mixture of well complemented ingredients with blasting fire on claypot to cook this and the outcome is amazingly interesting. I still think that they should have a different name for this instead of calling it the dry BKT. It doesn’t taste any bit BKT.


3.ah chuan bkt (1)
4.dry bkt


Some might not like this but most people are alright with this. The chefs here are foreign workers since they have long established their frequent and loyal customers. Feat not as the workers are well trained to make some delicious BKT.


5.ah chuan bkt (2)


Not to forget the vegetables and this doesn’t come with much flavours or artificial taste. Instead, it is just some oysters sauce and an entire bed of fried shallots right on top of the vegetables. I like my vegetables when eating something so heavily spiced like BKT, so this is a no for me.


6.ah chuan bkt (6)


Then there is this Ginger Wine Chicken which is rarely served in most BKT shops. Because there is wine in it, the after taste that lingers and roam in your mouth would keep the saliva gland working and telling you to have more of those. As a result of that, the taste actually overpowers the BKT. Thanks to the cooked rice wine in the soup, there is the slight sourish taste that is very appetizing. A bad dish to put on the menu to go with BKT, but a great dish to go with rice on any other meal.


8.ah chuan bkt (12)
9.ah chuan bkt (13)


And last but not least, how can BKT not go with some you tio? Theirs here are pretty ordinary and tasty to go with the soup.


7.ah chuan bkt (7)


The Chuan Klang Bah Kut Teh didn’t quite utilize much space in the shop itself. Instead, tables are laid by the roadside as well as at the shop’s corridor. It is probably better that way since the temperature inside the shop itself is rather high compared to the natural breeze at nightfall outside the shop.


ah chuan bkt (3)
ah chuan bkt (4)


Restoran Chuan Klang Bah Kut Teh is located at :
66, Jalan SS 14/2
Subang Jaya.


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    • sycookies

      I’m not sure what’s the bar for the perfect BKT too. I guess there are so many right now it is subjected to personal preferences. You can explore this place if you like BKT. There are many of them here.

    • sycookies

      More sticky meaning the slime from those ladies fingers right? I have not been fond of ladies fingers although I didn’t mind them. But this one is by far the most slimy dry bkt I’ve had so far.

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