Who doesn’t love looking at scoops of colourful ice creams be it with or without toppings? Baskin Robbins never fails to sweeten up your day with their many flaovurs and creativity of the types of flavours they have. My favourite is the raspsberry cheesecake thanks to the chunks of cheesecakes inside the ice cream. Also the all time favourite of anything green tea, hence the green tea flavour. But that’s not what we are looking at today. Today we have their new Lava Cake which was very badly presented in a plastic tub.


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I know…..what’s what right? So let’s make things easy here. The lava cake doesn’t have very impressive texture to begin with, but would be sufficient to please one that is not too finicky like me. The taste was alright, ordinarily good for chocolate and try not to pick a very sweet scoop of ice cream flavour. I went with lime cause I was not up for anything milky on top of the chocolate lava.




This was a bad choice, but their usual cones and waffles are still good. Even the ice cream scoop in up is better than the lava cake.


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Play with some toppings if you are in the mood. But honestly, a good ice cream wouldn’t need too much topping on it to stand out.


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I am impressed with the creativity and the great amount of flavours. Most of them are really very subjected to personal palate. But the standard flavours like vanilla and chocolate aren’t that impressive either. A little too sweet to my liking but you never know when are the times you really need your super sweet ice cream to cheer you up. I’d say go with their promotional items.




Locate the Baskin Robbins outlets on their website at: http://www.baskinrobbins.com.my .
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MYBaskinRobbins


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