Hidden in a corner at the SS15 in Subang Jaya, the Grafa Café is decorated with lots of wood to create that warm and nature ambience. With the wide open area inside what seems to look like a tiny boutique from the store front, the café is always cheerful with natural sunlight making the otherwise really dull café really comfortable and warm. This café recently expanded into a designer restaurant and is one that is really different from the usual cafes or as the matter of fact, any other cafes in Subang.


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3. grafa interor


It is inevitably true that this is one of the coziest food stop in Subang. There are many interesting little creativity in almost everything. From ashtray to the menu as well as the comfortable seats in many different designs, this is one place you’ll feel much comfortable to hang a little longer after your food.


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5. grafa


Moving to the food, I do like the portion and the affordable prices. This applies to what you ordered. What I had didn’t quite do them justice. But I reckon myself paying one more visit to finalise my verdict then. Starting with the Chicken Kiev which in fact is similar to chicken chop, this one was quite some disappointment. Selling at RM 20, this chicken breast stuffed with garlic butter is served with mashed potatoes and coleslaw.


6.chicken kiev @ grafa cafe (12)


As a matter of fact, the only difference between this Ukrainian dish and the very common chicken chop everyone is familiar with is the sauce. Chicken chop is served with black pepper sauce where else the chicken kiev with white sauce and parmesan on top. Also, chicken breast is used instead of chicken tight. The mash potatoes are really brilliant, but expect a lot white pepper in it. When eaten with the sauce, which by the way does have a little black pepper tarnishing it when it’s really not supposed to.


7.chicken kiev @ grafa cafe (17)


The salad on my plate has already turned sourish while the stuffed garlic butter in the chicken has got quite a bit of black pepper in it too and that sort of empowers the garlic flavour in it.


8.chicken kiev @ grafa cafe (18)


Grafamama’s Grilled Lamb Chop is cheap given the portion of the dish. Selling at RM 25, this lamb marinated with special homemade herbs in white sauce gravy served with mashed potatoes is supposedly great for sharing if it hadn’t been all charred like charcoal.


9.graffa cafe -Grafamama’s Grilled Lamb Chop RM 25-Lamb marinated with special homemade herbs in white sauce gravy served with mashed potatoes. (1)


Let alone sharing, I don’t even wanna eat this. Well I do hope they’ll be more consistent with the food quality.


10.graffa cafe -Grafamama’s Grilled Lamb Chop RM 25-Lamb marinated with special homemade herbs in white sauce gravy served with mashed potatoes. (4)


At least the Barbecue Chicken Wings managed to redeem themselves. Four pieces of full wings marinated with herbs and special homemade BBQ sauce, served with wither fries or onion rings for RM 15. This one is not good enough for ala carte unless you are a very small eater. The chicken was ok and nicely marinated. The fries on the other hand, should be fried only when there is a order and not to be left standing too long before serving to the customers.


11.grafa SS15-Barbecue Chicken Wings RM 15 (3)


Their sandwich is very homely and that’s great for those craving for mum’s cook. Using simple slices of white bread, and cucumber slices with fries served by the side, this grilled chicken sandwich is sufficient to satisfy hunger but not the palate.


12.grafa ss 15 (9)


Slow eaters should never order this because by the time you are done with half the sandwich, the other half would be soaking wet from the sauce already.


13.grafa ss 15 (10)


The oriental menu looks promising, but the Garlic noodle that we ordered tasted exactly like commercially produced instant noodle. With no extra ingredients except some ham slices in the noodle, I’ll do better ones at home.


14.grafa SS!5 (5)


The beverages didn’t fail them and with what I’ve ordered, I’d say all beverages are safe to order. There is much similarity with the famous Williams when looking at the menu but they each have their own specialty. The Ginger Milk Tea is one of them. It has great texture and smooth creamy flavour with the spike of ginger aroma. It was stunning.


15.grafa cafe -ginger milk tea


The Three Layer Tea and Kedondong was deliciously refreshing and the Ice Mint Tea is such a great thirst quencher on a hot day.


16.Grafa-three layer tea
17.grafa ss 15- mint tea (2)


Dessert cakes are not their forte, and they don’t make their own cakes. I tried the Red Velvet and it was horrible right from the presentation, to the texture, and the taste of it. First of all the colour was way too much and secondly, the cream wasn’t fresh and lastly, the texture was bad.


18.grafa ss 15 -red velvet (4)
I wanted to give a go with the Pavlova too, but I couldn’t bring myself to ordering one after one bite from the red velvet. And one bite is all I had from the slice.
22.grafa ss 15 -pavlova


Girls (ok and boys too) please spend some time at their beautifully decorated store at the entrance of the café. With beautiful natural lightings coming in from the glass pane, the blings shines and sparkles when I was browsing through it. There are cloths, accessories, bags, baseball caps and more the fashion is very street hip given how they started with passion for bikes.


19.grafa ss 15 (32)
20.grafa ss 15 (27)
21.grafa ss 15 (25)


This place is basically really promising but I suggest they be a little more consistent with the food, and try keeping their ingredients as fresh as possible. Apart from that, this place is very welcoming. Because of that, I would revisit for the final verdict as to whether they deserve better remarks.


The Grafa Café is located at:
55, S15/4B, Subang Jaya, 47500
Tel: 03-5611 7600


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  1. Cindy Tong

    the deco is very interesting but the food goes otherwise!! a fren of mine intro me to this cafe but when I went there, they were closed…now after looking at the pic and review i guess i need to giv them more time to do some improvement before i plan my visit!

    • sycookies

      Ya wor…the red velvet was the most horrible… Subjective I guess, I know I didn’t like it and there are so many other better ones elsewhere. For slow meal and chatting with friends, this is a good place if you don’t mind the food. But for the food,……um…go somewhere else..

  2. missyblurkit

    Love the decor…but I think food is just not consistent here. Had good lamb when I visited…but when I look at yours…ouch…I wouldn’t even dare serve it if I cooked that at home!

    Love the ginger milk:D Such a comforting drink.

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