Pizza Hut is a chain franchise from America that offers many pizzas along with side dishes like the salad, pasta and garlic bread. In Malaysia, pizza hut comes in local flavours and the touch of local delight easily wins a place amongst the native foodies. Being one of the earliest pizza chains in Malaysia, they are constantly coming up with new menus and the most recent one is filled with lots of ingredients. hut sausage pizza (1)


On top of the cheesy lava crust, there is another fold and of sausage ring in the middle. And not just any sausage, but the cheesy sausage stuffed crust. hut sausage pizza (7)


Top that with rolls of hams in the middle of the pizza, making this the prettiest pizza I’ve ever seen. hut sausage pizza (11)


The crust was really thin and the topping were so generously flavourful. Somewhat to the extend where it gets too heavy in flavour and all the processed meats kinda just jumbles up alongside the cheese and hence loosing the authentic flavour of each ingredient. hut sausage pizza (10)


Their tagline is “Two whole pizzas in one. Share the sensation”. I suggest ordering large because the small pizzas got too much crust and these crusts are really salty.


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