When I had my eye on this new outlet in Kuchai Lama called the Sumo Onigiri, I was quite excited and told myself to return to this area to review this restaurant. When Join me gave out featured taste voucher from the Sumo Origini, I happily redeemed it.


1.sumo onigiri
1.1sumo onigiri (2)


The restaurant occupies half a shop lot and within the half shop lot, half the space is taken up by the onigiri bar, leaving very few and little space for tables and chairs. I am guessing most people would just order it as a take away since they are so easily and conveniently consumed.


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This is a very clever Japanese dish that I have always been very impressed with. It was really brilliant and convenient. The sets would be serve with mash potato where else there is also options of a great variety of ala carte rice balls with different fillings. I like something more moist in it or that amount of rice would be really dull and dry.


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Some of the rice balls comes with entire sheet of Japanese seaweed and that is great if consume immediately before the seaweed turns soft.


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The rice balls are mixed with ebiko so every bite is filled with popping balls within the sushi rice. The rice was a little hard which makes them least to my liking but the taste if still fine when consume immediately when served.


4.sumo onigiri (6)


The Cheese filling rice ball was pressed with some cheese slices in it so that makes the rice ball not too boring or bland in flavour. This was not too bad in flavour but I do prefer softer texture from the rice.


4.1.sumo onigiri (27)


The chawanmushi that comes with the set is on the other hand a little bland in taste but very smooth in the texture. Expect plain chawanmushi with no extra ingredients in it. When served hot, would be a very comforting starter.


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Those with huge appetitive shall fear not as the Sumo Onigiri also sells rice set in case the rice ball is too tiny. There is the Sumo onigiri special set which comes with some rice, a few seaweed sheets, some shredded egg omelet, mashed potato, baby octopus, fish egg, and a salmon sashimi slice. Order this only if the rice ball did not attract your attention. Otherwise let’s just stick to their forte.


7.sumo onigiri (16)


This set also comes with steam egg and a miso soup. Of which the soup was alright but not as flavourful as it should be. Nevertheless, it was still palatable and not too bad in taste.


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The shop is very clean and the wall paper is very cute with many sumo cartoons. Be sure to check out the history and origin of rice ball.


10.sumo onigiri (13)


There are even tips to make your own onigiri….Perhaps I’ll try that and post it up once I manage to do it.


11.sumo onigiri (1)


The Sumo Onigiri is located at :
33, Jalan Kuchai Maju 8,
Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 017-5050755
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sumoonigirimalaysia


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