To ideally enjoy a hot pot of soondubu, first take a moment to enjoy the steaming aroma form the piping hot pot. Next break the egg yolk and mix the fine and smooth tofu. Stirring and mixing the silky smooth chunks of tofu will soak the rich flavoured broth. This Soondubu chicken set sells at RM 15.90. Alacarte is also available when this dish becomes a common sharing option.


1.sudubu chicken set RM 15.90 @ dubu dubu (23)
2.sudubu chicken set RM 15.90 @ dubu dubu (28)


This soft, silky and moist often uncurdled tofu in tangy spicy stew has common ingredients like mussels, clams, vegetables and poultries is eaten with rice and few 반찬 (side dishes). These side dishes vary accordingly to the availability and quality of the ingredients but usually, kimchi would be one of it.


3.cheese sdb -seafood RM 17.90 @ dubu dubu (20)
5.sudubu chicken set RM 15.90 @ dubu dubu (29)


Soondubu jigae can be quite sharply piquant for those with no preference to spicy food. Fear not because the Cheese Soondubu is even tastier with addition of cheese melting in the piping hot soup while still vigorously bubbling. There is option of chicken, beef or seafood and I went with the latter for the price of RM 17.90 per set.


6.cheese sdb -seafood RM 17.90 @ dubu dubu (17)
7.cheese sdb -7.seafood RM 17.90 @ dubu dubu (18)


The sets are always served with unpolished (brown) rice making this a winner in nutrition game when competing against white rice. Difference between white and brown rice is the prominent health benefits like thiamine and the rich fiber. white rice mixed with glutinuous rice.


8.sudubu chicken set RM 15.90 @ dubu dubu (22)


The Dolsot Bibimbap also serves with unpolished rice. It wasn’t really awesome but they were averagely tasty and palatable. Not too spicy and the mix of vegetables balances the flavour with natural sweetness. Pick from choices of chicken or beef, the alacarte sells at RM 16.90.


9.chicken dolsot bibimbap RM 16.90 alacarte @ dubu dubu (4)


Apart from rice, there are other like the Japchae which sells at RM 14.90 ala carte (also available on set menu) each but the lesson of the day is to go with the forte of the restaurant when ordering. This fried glass noodle is really not an amiable choice if you ask me. But it was not atrocious either.


10.japchae alacarte RM 14.90 @ dubu dubu (9)


The food is all fairly priced but the drinks and beverages are all over priced. A cup of Barley Tea (hot/iced) cost RM 3.50 and Ginger Teacosts RM 4.90. For something so ordinary, the drinks are really posh.


11.barley tea hot and cold RM 3.50@ dubu dubu (2)
12.ginger tea cold RM 4.90 @ dubu dubu (6)


Like many Korean restaurants in Korea, fake food displays are right at the doorway of the restaurant. The dummies make it real easy for anyone to pick when ordering.


13.dubu dubu (21)


Dubu Dubu literally translates to tofu. So expect lots of fresh tofu in this restaurant. Usually pack during peak hours but the seat availabilities are usually high, making this place convenient for dining.


14.dubu dubu


Dubu Dubu Seoul Food is located in One Utama shopping mall at:
S345, Second Floor, One Utama Shopping Centre,
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03-77336872


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